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    Prenatal massage at home?

    Hi, where is jenny shop located. Is she malay and how long experience she had? I did not see any review about her before in the forum only by both of you posting here as few of our facebook group mummies also talk about your posting about jenny.Never see her name here before.
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    Advice on Prenatal Massage needed !!

    Hi mummies, Went to Singapore expo today to booked my postnatal massage for my 2nd bb. My 1st bb to was done by traditional & holistic postnatal centre too and got to know that they are having promotion till tmr. Really enjoy my 1st experience with their therapist and mummies who wish to...
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    Hi mummies, I had very bad blockage last week. Supply drop by 50% and had Mdm Rokiah service too as my postnatal massage also done by her company therapist. Really agree with those mummies that had sessions with her in this forum. Not pain compare to nurse at the hospital. My supply back to...
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    Any C-section mummies who had done postnatal massage

    HI ivftwins, You could try with traditional& holistic postnatal centre as I had their service too after my c-sec and the therapist is very experience as with all the quires I had, she is able to answer. She told me that their company therapists are all certified and well trained. Slight ex...
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    **How soon can we TTC after going through a mis-carriage?**

    Hi Mitchelle, You need to take gd care and rest atleast 2-3 mth before TTC. Try to get relaxing massage.
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    Confinement Lady To Recommend

    Hi Jolene, Yes agree with you rgds of CL. Is very impt to have someone experience and I had Auntie Eh Wah from bliss agency. Very gd and you can rest in peace. My massage therapists from traditional & holistic told me that she use to meet my CL and alway get gd feedback from her clients...
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    0-3 months bleeding

    Hi alicia, Take gd rest and care always.....
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    advice needed on breastfeeding

    Hi JHmum, I had the same problem like you when I delivered my bb last yr. Till saw many mum's recommended Mdm Rokiah service frm traditional holistic for engorggement service. She teach me how to do proper latching and share lots of tips and advise on bb. She really emcourage BF. Can email her...
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    Any gd massage lady for post/prenatal?

    Hi azza, You could try mdm sharifah frm traditional & holistic postnatal centre. I find her very experience and although a bit ex but very satisfied with her service. My postnatal sessions also done by her. May visit their website as these company are well known for...
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    (2010/05) May 2010 mtb

    My massage lady advise not to take ginger so much if bb got jaundice as now even some doc also advise too. You may add slice ginger in your food but just don't eat it.
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    BEWARE of this massage lady MAS!!

    Hi ylc, Can't remember which thread but its last yr that I read abt her. Just make survey b4 you decide as I did. Slight ex is ok but the jamumassage company service I find is gd. Mayb you could try and call for more info.
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    BEWARE of this massage lady MAS!!

    Hi Ylc, I think you should change your therapist since the lady Mas hp no is same like brenda mention as I think I'have seen 1 mummy posted abt her too. Maybe you can try my therapist from traditional holistic postnatal as many mummies in these forum have use their service for many yrs. Shop...
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    BEWARE of this massage lady MAS!!

    Hi Norrin, I agree with you to have prenatal after 6mth only. I had mind done with traditional & holistic postnatal centre and their company is specialist for post& prenatal.So far the therapist share advise on BF & tips during confinement. She told me all their company therapists...
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    BEWARE of this massage lady MAS!!

    Just share my experience of my postnatal massage done by traditional & holistic postnatal centre.The service was gd and the therapist is always punctual. She told me that her lady boss Mdm Rokiah specially trained them personally. I really enjoy my sessions. Visit their website
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    (2009/12) December 2009 MTBs <IMG SRC="

    Hi mummies, I'm using ameda breastpump after my therapist advise me to pump after each feeding. In a 1st place don't intend to buy any pump but after my delivery when I start with my postnatal sessions and always my breast felt so painful and still heavy after latching. I find that the pump is...
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    (2009/10) October 2009 MTBs

    Hi blessedcyn, For my tummy binder I m still using it as was advise by my therapist during my postnatal sessions to continue tying atleast 2-3mth. I find that the binder is very comfortable and you could purchase frm them. Visit their website
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    Hi valerie, I had my postnatal massage by traditional &amp; holistic postnatal centre.Find that their service is very professional and I enjoy my sessions with the therapist that serve me. Can visit their website if you want to get more info.
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    (2009/08) August 2009 MTBs

    Reira, As a new mum I felt very depress when my supply was very low and after read few mummies comments on Mdm Rokiah service, I tried to make an appt with her. Was so happy to see when she did the hot compress,that my milk was like fountain. Seem like having milk bath &amp; facial at the same...
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    Any good recommendation for post-natal massage?

    Hi evelyn, which therapist did serve you? as got to know frm a fren that this origin is a new company less than a yr. Only that their website looked like they are long in these market. My fren who wish to engage their service is worried that the therapist got no experience as this is her 1st...
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    Any good recommendation for post-natal massage?

    Hi Evelyn, You could try traditional holistic postnatal centre by Mdm Rokiah. I really find that their therapist is very professional.She is very well known many yrs back by many mummies in this forum and at the moment got to know she only recently helps many mummies with blockducts problems...