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    Hi Mummies, I am 2 weeks postpartum and am breastfeeding my daughter. I direct latch and bottle feed her as well. How much milk is normally pumped out as this time (2 weeks aft labour)? I can only pump out 40ml (sometimes 60ml if there is supply) per session. It takes about 20ish minutes to do...
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    Breastfeeding - How do you know if your body is ready to produce?

    Good suggestions! I am actually building up intake with whatever healthy foods I can find. Research on the net helps a lot. But I'm also noticing a small lump under my left armpit during this pregnancy. I think it appeared during my 2nd trim and it doesnt get bigger/not painful at all. But I...
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    Breastfeeding - How do you know if your body is ready to produce?

    Hi, first time mum here. Expecting my LO pretty soon in a couple week's time. I was just wondering how mums breastfeed their child on the first try. So I have plenty to ask! 1. Is the supply already there upon LO's birth? 2. Otherwise, how do I start off? Do i pump first and see if anything...
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    Bill Settlement for Parkway East

    Hi, new mum-to-be here. Need some advice on bill settlement! I'm currently 6 months pregnant and am expecting to have my LO sometime in early january with Parkway East. I was just wondering if anyone has ANY IDEA on how people settle their bills with the hospital? What happens if we don't have...