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    My disappointment at GUG

    Co11ectionz and Don: Both my kids now in GUG kindy. No complaints cos they love their classes and teachers. DH and I did check out other kindys and childcares and decided to stay with GUG cos their kindy programme is really strong. Their curriculum definitely prepares kids for Primary schooling...
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    3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

    My two kids have been with GUG since 2007 and we're v happy with the school. They have just opened a new kindergarten in Mountbatten Centre which I heard has many facilities incl. computer lab, library, indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Their kindy in United Sq always has long waitlist so if...
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    My disappointment at GUG

    Ya, 2 yrs ago I think GUG's admin service not so good (as the date of posts here also show). But since then they seem to have changed to all new staff. They are alot more friendly and helpful now, no complaints so far! Agree with Pam that Julia Gabriel's content rather slow and not strong...
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    (2009/07) July 2009 MTBs

    Re: Babies classes Agree with Sheryl GUG's actually quite good. My 2 kids bn there since toddlers and now my elder one going to K2 nx yr. Both love going to school and learning a lot. I know one mother who took her son out of GUG last yr to join Chiltern but this yr decided to transfer him...