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  1. juzsharing

    Rash from Diarrhea [URGENT]

    Don't wear diaper. Need to air his buttock as much as possible. Did doctor give him Paralin moisturiser/protectant?
  2. juzsharing

    Seeking baby items

    Hi, still lacking what item?
  3. juzsharing

    Looking for Nanny at Serangoon area

    Hi, is Hougang/Buangkok Crescent within your consideration?
  4. juzsharing

    Fengshui and IVF / Fertility treatment

    有问题向内找。 if you don't calm down and organized/solve your problem but instead look and hope for someone to help solve your problem. You will end up in bigger disappointment . Accept the fact and move on with life. I believe whatever will come, will come. Listen to your heart. You will know the...
  5. juzsharing

    Babysitter needed

    Hi Moon, if Hougang, Buangkok Crescent is within your consideration, PM me.
  6. juzsharing

    Formula recommendations for constant spit ups

    Hi dear mummy, this is normal in some babies. As long as they gain weight monthly, it's not of great concern. Not to stress yourself n baby too much. Baby will grow in the faith of God.
  7. juzsharing

    Nanny/Babysitter in Hougang

    Hi Jane, I am a babysitter in Hougang Street 91. Bus 43, 156, 101, 159, 161, 109 at my nearest bus stop. PM me if you within your consideration.
  8. juzsharing

    Car ride

    Hi, looking for car owners or car sharing from Hougang travelling to Old Choa Chu Kang Road (Keat Hong Camp) daily . If there is anyone on the way and don't mind to, kindly pm me to discuss further.
  9. juzsharing

    Looking for nanny in Sengkang

    Hi is Hougang Green within your consideration?
  10. juzsharing


    Hi, anyone know where got 問米婆 in Singapore or Malaysia ? Preferably those that have tried and accurate. Thank you.
  11. juzsharing

    Any private investigator to recommended?

    Hi peppermint, thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge. I have a very good TCM at Blk 124 Lorong Ah Soo if you would like to consider for pregnancy.
  12. juzsharing

    Any private investigator to recommended?

    Hi, could recommend me your PI and would like to know how much is the cost. Have no idea at all. Would be much appreciated if you could share your experience. Thank you.
  13. juzsharing

    Cheated Spouse

    Any affordable private investigator to share ladies.
  14. juzsharing

    Looking for Chinese Nanny in Sengkang from Aug

    Hi, Punggol within your consideration?
  15. juzsharing

    Red Rice Wine

    Hi, I still have hong zao. It is home made, red hong zao. Let me know if you want.
  16. juzsharing

    Twins' mum

    It will be better to get help my dear. Having enough rest is crucial for mummy after giving birth.
  17. juzsharing

    New MTB - Dilema (needs help!)

    There are many good and experienced gynae in KKH so just relax and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Don't stress yourself and insist on this particular gynae. Just take good care of yourself as the baby is developing in your womb and doctor cannot do miracle if complication occurred. It...
  18. juzsharing

    Water Blister? Ringworm? Eczema?

    Hi lady, from your attached picture, hands are very dry. Please consult a doctor to be safe as you are pregnant. I recently also have this problem on most of my fingers. Super itchy and dry. Take care.
  19. juzsharing

    Looking for Chinese sinsei 铁打

    Blk 302 Woodlands Street 31 #01-275 Singapore 730302. Tel : 6367 3329. Have to call for appointment first. I normally will look for 阿德 to do my massage after seeing sinseh.