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    Herbalife Products

    How much difference is the member's price compared to retail?
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    Any good pediatrician to recommend in AMK/TPY/Bishan/Thomson?

    Hi brandedfans, My daughter goes to Dr Rhonda Watt at Mount A. Her clinic is on level B1. She has been seeing Dr Watt since birth and we like her very much. She is very patient, kind and good with kids. On top of that she really listens and gives very good suggestions on things like how to help...
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    Anyone using Nestle Nan 1 Ha?

    Hi there highheels, my lil one is was NAN HA until few days back. She is teething and has been having terrible diarhoea problems. I experience the green, watery poop as you mentioned. Spoke to my paediatrician about it and she seems to think that it is ok unless the poop gets too runny.
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    Catholic Mothers

    Hi Mrs_N, thanks for the info. Would assume that they should be available at most catholic bookstores? Sorry - i am new to Singapore so am clueless abt this
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    Catholic Mothers

    Hi mummies - can anyone tell me where i can get a chrisening dress for my baby's baptism? Need one urgently. Thanks
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    Any mums bought Baby/Little Einstein DVDs?

    Hi there My baby girl is now 5 months and we started introducing Baby einstein to her since she was 3. I have to say that she has taken very well to it - she loves the music, sound, colors and moving objects and would be so excited each time when she watches (laughing, moving hands, legs...
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    Dr Kenneth Edward Lee

    Hi there goofygloves I only visited Dr Lee in early Aug and i paid 300 overall for 2 over months of consultation. Also, I paid an addition of 800 as I had to do a c-section. Hope this helps :-) Do let me know if you need any more info.
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    Dr Kenneth Edward Lee

    Hi there Dr Kenneth Lee was my gynae for my first born. I had my baby in Sept last year. Dr Lee was recommended to me by my sis in law and 2 friends of mine who previously had their babies delivered by him. He is very good and experienced doctor - professional, caring and concerned and very...