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    Babies by the Park Review?

    Hi all, May I know if anyone has tried Babies by the Park? Considering enrolling my daughter when she's 18months. They are certified by SPARK and charges $1,250 a month and I want to do comparison before making a sound decision. Thanks~!
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    parents accompanied playgroup

    The only ones I know of are Julia Gabriel, Growing Up Gifted and Gymboree
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    Is it normal for a 1.5 yo child still not able to walk on her own?

    Does your child stand unsupported? I agree that kids may just spring up one day and start walking. Don't worry too much! :)
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    Baby not passing motion. Is this common?

    but if she is drinking BM, she should be pooing regularly.. i changed from Friso (recommended by TMC when she was born) to Nan Pro (Singapore) after she's 2.5 months and i noticed my baby can go 4 days without poo.. i didnt think of the milk causing it back then, and i didnt give water either...
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    Cordlife or Stemcord or do nothing?

    i didnt sign up for any.. didnt see a need for it.. i guess its like insurance, u buy it but hope you dont get to use it :)
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    Infant Laundry Detergent ?

    im using kodomo! smells great.. using the detergent + softener
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    Need some help

    i used mamy poko and it always leaked for my 4mths girl.. i dunno if she's wearing the wrong size but i have no issues with huggies.. i guess it all depends on individual :)
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    i delivered in TMC last Oct.. i opt for single bedded and got upgraded to single premier on 5th Floor. The nurses are really angels.. Yes, pls standby Pjs with front opening (buttons) to prepare to nurse your baby. You will be wearing the hospital gown for the initial 1-2 days only.
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    Remove fibroid or entire womb

    hello~ my mum also removed her womb a few years ago..
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    Baby closer to grandma / caretaker?

    same.. my 4months old bb stays home with my mil and maid in the day.. at night after her last feed ard 9-ish, she will be cranky and only my maid can soothe her to sleep.. boohoo.. :(:(
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    Insurance for baby

    I bought hospitalisation coverage and Outpatient.. Agent from AIA
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    Anyone buy stuff from eBay USA?

    I always buy from Ebay stores based in US. erm.. these shops that i purchased from usually have ebay stores and have more than 100k transactions. I always order about 4-6 dresses and I just opt for the USPS mail which costs about USD40. If you do not want to use their recommended shipment, you...
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    How to lose post pregnancy weight

    I lost my 10kg that i put on during pregnancy in the 1st week after giving birth coz i had mega laosai.. i bf and weight didnt drop either.. I think basic stretching exercise will help, and eat lesser rice especially dinner time will definitely be useful
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    Father slap child

    big no no in my opinion
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    Good Pd

    Bishan! I visit Dr. Oh. Her clinic is called Kids Clinic @ Bishan. I tried Dr. Ong @ United Sq.. But prefer Dr. Oh :)
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    Port Wine Stain Support Grp

    My bb has strawberry mark on her face.. have made an appointment with National skin centre to see if i can laser it off
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    Don't want to stay in job after maternity leave?

    Hi Mummies, has anyone tried to resign after completing 16weeks of maternity leave? But still gotta serve 1 months' notice. Can anyone share their experience? Did boss show u black face or graciously accepted?
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    Can anyone advise

    not sure, but should be the same as single baby deliveries right?
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    PEM confinement agency

    They rejected my colleague coz she resides in a 3 storey house.. Claims that their CL cannot climb stairs!?