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    Looking for Chinese Tutor at Tiong Bahru Area

    Looking for chinese tutor at Tiong Bahru area for K1 and P1. Kindly PM me.
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    WTB : Brand New Mixer

    Anyone have a brand new mixer to sell? Please PM me with brand, picture, period since the mixer is bought (if come with warranty card), collection place and price. Thank you.
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    WTB : Dinosaurs Live at Science Centre

    Hi, looking for both adult and children tickets. Please PM me if you have any to offer. Thank you.
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    Looking for baby cot

    Hi, I have a preloved cream color Ikea baby cot for sales. Comes with 2 mattress. Please let me know if you are interested, I can forward picture to you.
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    Programmes for 6 months' old to 2 years' old

    If you are interested in GUG, better register early cos they have waive the registeration fee currently for the Suntec Outlet. Don't know if it end already. You may check with them.
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    PD Edmund KOH at Tiong Bahru

    Hi Izu, Dr Wong Contact as below : Paediatric Centre Tiong Bahru Children Clinic Tel : 62765700
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    PD Edmund KOH at Tiong Bahru

    Hi, As Dr Wong is previously from KK hospital, so he is more detailed in the checking. He works at the emergency dept. My eldest daughter was having cough for many months & the other doctors & Dr Koh can't find the reason that causes it. After visiting Dr Wong, we was told the cough...
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    Any comments on GOO.N diapers?

    Hi Cindy, I am interested to share goon diapers with you but have check L size is out of stock. Please PM me.
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    Hi smurfygal, you can refer to this BP. or
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    Hi littlegrape, sorry for late reply as I don't go to forum often. If you are still interested, could you please PM me as you don't accept PM.
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    Hi Alice, Currently I have 2 responses & is still waiting for another 3. I have not decide on the swimming complex yet as it will depend where the rest are staying. Will try to find one which is convenient to everyone. The swimming course will be conducted during weekend. Hopefully they...
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    With regards to the neck float, I saw it at Punggol plaza. It comes in different sizes and cost $18 each. You may visit the website Hi,my girl will be 6 months old end of May and I am trying to form a group of 6 infants (6 months & above) to start a swimming...
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    Any Infant care - Tiong Bahru/ Bt Merah?*

    Hi, you can search for infant care/childcare at this website
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    Avent Electric Steriliser VS Pigeon Rapid Steriliser

    Hi, you have to be very careful with the cover for the rapid steam sterilizer. It break once you drop it on the floor. Have to get the replacement at Pigeon office for $10.