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    Baby fairs and breast pump

    There is the suntec fair this wkend, and taka baby fairs, n expo too. Any comments on which is the best? Also, I am looking for breast pump- heard ameda is good but is it portable?:)
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    Gestational diabetes

    What was ur readin do u remember? I realise dofferent clinics have different treatment.. I dapao dinner daily so will have brown rice
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    Gestational diabetes

    Hihi, was ur readin v high? I only have to prick once a wk so hard to gauge the meal effect
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    Gestational diabetes

    Sigh I have just been diagnosed with the above, anyone out there with tips?
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    New born baby shoppin! What milk bottles to get?

    So far most common n popular seem to be Avent and Pigeon. Some go for dr brown but washing that is a hassle, so im lazy wldnt go for that haha! Philips steriliser now on sale with free newborn kit, can just get tt? I did!
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    New born baby shoppin! What milk bottles to get?

    I just bought Avent steriliser from Robinsons, on sale! I saw a nice Graco stroller plus infant car seat for $440, duno if i shd spend so much hmmm...
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    Any nannies at the 203/204 compassvale road area?
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    Any difference between milk powder bought from Malaysia and Singapore

    I think the country of manufacture varies. I take the similac mum and its the same- so i got it at 30rm instead of 33sgd here!
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    New born baby shoppin! What milk bottles to get?

    Hi all, im due this June and yet to really buy anything: I decided the following are needed: Carseat Cot Rocker Pump Milk bottles Clothes etc Stroller maybe not yet? What abt u guys? I realised the carseat stroller sets from the usa are so much cheaper there! Also, milk bottles, what brand...
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    Looking for babysitter/Infant Care/Nanny

    Im also looking for a nanny from September for an infant. Live in the buangkok/ sengkang area.
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    Baby products from Malaysia

    Icic thanks! Do u buy from there too?
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    Work permit for CL

    My friend just had a CL, she said no need apply as only 28 days.. hmm im not sure tho
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    Excellent confinement nanny recommendation

    Hi, is there a need to apply for levy? My fren who jus had a CL did not apply for anything
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    Baby products from Malaysia

    Hi all! First time mum here due in June 17. Any of you guys buy your stuff from Malaysia? I was looking at Puree , Pigeon shampoos etc, any feedback? My husb is from malacca so we visit malaysia every other month
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    June 2017 mummies

    Hello! Im due exact same day as u:)
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    Baby journal

    Yup! I just found out some online site where is it affordable!
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    Good female gynae in Thomson/Mt Alvernia (Please help!!!)

    Hi! Firsttime very new mum here looking for a gynae.. female and at mount A or TMC. So far Dr adelina wong looks good, but seems pricey!
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    Baby journal

    Any of you new moms out there doing up a scrapbook? Lotsa pretty journals on Amazon but so pricey!
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    June 2017 mummies

    Hi! I have been takin blackmores preconcep pills!
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    July 2017 Mummies

    Hi joyfulthankful! Which polyclinic u go to? Do we have to make an appt?