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    Hi lilmissbummer. Can u share what is your final delivery charges? We still cannt decided which rooms to opt.
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    Christian Mummy Support Group

    Hi pls add me to the facebook grouo for christian mums. My email add is [email protected]. it will be under Ethan Chee (my son) profile. Thanks
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    (2014/10) Oct 2014 Mummies

    Hi pls add me on fb too. My email is [email protected]. thanks
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    Good maid agency to recommend

    Hi can also pm me. Thanks
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    Any mummies delivering at TMC? Which types of room did u chose? Please share your overall experiences. Thanks
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    Do you give a token to your mum for helping to babysit?

    Hi mummies. I do agreed with giving a token too. My fil is standing by just to fetch my boy fr cc when we needs to work late plus packet din for us on certain days. We gave him additional $200 on top of the monthly allowance that we give him. It is a way to show appreciation too.
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    Confinement nanny

    Any mummies know the rates for CL frm TMC?
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    Christian Mummy Support Group

    I don mind. U can whatapps me at 8388 8834. My name is carol.
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    ex-sin myanmar maid for hire (no agent)

    Hi I would like to know more too if she is still available. I m currently pregnant with my second baby & planned to return bk to workforce after delivery. Pls pm me or contact me at 8388 8834. Thanks
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    Looking for gynae that delivers in Mt A

    Hi. U can consider dr jasmine mohd. She is patient, gentle & assuring. Her clinic is at tmc & able to deliver at mount a too. She is the gynae for my first & second pregnancy.
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    Christian Mummy Support Group

    Thanks mummies. I tested today & it is confirmed positive. Stressed coz I just resigned fr last job & GOD blesses me with this big gift.
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    (2014/10) Oct 2014 Mummies

    Hi mummies. I use the pregnancy kit & tested positive today. Will going to see gynae this sat morning.
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    Any mummies staying in tanjong pagar?

    I m staying in tanjong pagar & hope to know more mothers staying here too.
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    What next after positive pregnancy test?

    Hi congrats! Yes u shld look for a gynae asap. Hope u hv decided on a gynae by nw.
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    Horrible delivery experience at local hospital!!

    I hv similar experience with a local hospital (nt tmc) during my delivery in 2009. I did nt take any actions then coz we were too overwhelm with a new baby as we do not hv any additional assistance. It is only me & my hubby to take care of our new baby with a lot of other additional domestic issues.
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    Christian Mummy Support Group

    Hi mummies. I m glad to cme across this thread too. I hv a boy turning 5-years this year & may be pregnant again (missed menses but yet to test on pregnancy kit).
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    Anyone uses delphin or rainbow vacuum

    We hv bad experience with delphine pp too. They (2 staffs) fr china came to our place for demo, hard sell & insisted that we buy the products. Refused to leave our hse till my hubby threaten to call th police. Then they apologise & left. Phew! What a night!
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    2 months pregnant - looking for temp jobs

    I m without a job nw & also pregnant. So worried that I cannt find a job nw. =(
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    Any comments for Meihao99 Catering?

    Thanks. I check out neo garden 2moro.