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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    Hi, will return 12 eggs to Niang Niang tomorrow 8.30am at Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association 15 Arumugam Rd, Singapore 409960. Nearest mrt MacPherson
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    Advice on how to choose baby items

    Hi all Can you share with me tips on how to choose the following items? Thanks as I am first time mom, just been to MITAS and unsure what to look out for when choosing following, - strollers / prams - baby cot / cribs - breast pumps Thanks!
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Hi all, I just had my third consecutive miscarriage in 2 years, despite regulating my body through TCM. First two had no heartbeat, last was lost at Wk9. Really devastating. Hence, will need to consider IVF for recurrent miscarriage (RM) for pre genetic screening. We had done the blood tests and...
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    Recurrent miscarriage (2023)

    Hi ladies I just had my third miscarriage in 1.5 years, going for D&C tomorrow. They always say recurrent miscarriage affect 1% of population and unfortunately is the 1%. My first two miscarriage no heartbeat detected but my third one was different. Heartbeat detected at Wk9 8 April and...
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    Consecutive Miscarriage - Autoimmune Tests?

    Same here, I totally get how you feel. I discuss with my husband, once TCM gives us green light to try again, I might get second opinion from another gynae to see if other tests required to be performed. I read some books, it could also be hormone levels during pregnancy, so this is something...
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    Consecutive Miscarriage - Autoimmune Tests?

    Hi afihde I done the same blood tests and results are normal as well. May I know what expensive full test are you referring to? I am seeing KKH John Tee and he mentioned no further test required at this juncture. To be honest, I am also wondering if I should do any more detailed tests but...
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    Consecutive Miscarriage - Autoimmune Tests?

    Hi ladies, I just miscarriaged in April 2022 and now facing another miscarriage again ie. No heartbeat detected at W7 and embryo not growing well. Somewhat similar to my previous case. Gynae mentioned that it could be due to autoimmune disease, and he will schedule me to do some tests after...
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    Expectant Management

    Hi, our situation are similar and I am seeing the sonographer next week. I used Prof Tee as well. It is really painful and chances are slim as there was no heartbeat detected. This is my first MC and it is really sad.