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    Honest Products

    Anyone interested?
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    Honest Products

    Dear Mummies, Have you heard about the company which Jessica Alba set up, selling organic products for babies and toddlers? And I believe we mummies should also use them to protect ourselves. Pls see link for more details. Currently you can only get them...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 MTB

    Hi Mummies, I saw some of the routines and was just wondering when can we start to train our babies to sleep longer at night? When bb is like still 3 weeks old, do we already train them? Cos my boy now morning and night like same routine.. Morning wakes up, feed and then rest a...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 MTB

    Bluey, My bb is 3 weeks old only..but he always seems to want more milk..else cranky..i alr give him pacifier to calm him le..I checked the internet and realised I may have overfeed dilemna now..dunno if to reduce the feed or to keep to this amt and maintain for a few mths.. He...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 MTB

    Bluey and Gitz, my boy not only makes alot of noises, he keeps fighting like a little tiger..haha.. i think this boy is also feeding alot..he is taking in 120ml per feed at 3 hours this too much?
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    Worried mum

    EBM can only last for an hour if not refrigerated.. 24 hours in a chiller and 3 months in a freezer..
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    1st haircut for baby

    Hi Mummies, I think the growing of hair depends alot on the individual baby. I did not want to shave my boy's hair cos he has lots of hair and they are nice but his scalp was peeling and he was pulling his hair so much that I bring him to shave it. I asked my mum and she said that babies will...
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    Hi Mummies, My boy is now 17 mths old..he is with Marsden Swim School at Turf Club City since 7mths old. Lesson carried out in a heated pool and one class is restricted to 6 babies with one parent each for half an hr. Babies learn to familarise with water and safety. And it is a fun and good...