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    Any gynae for recommendation

    Hi dear, so you're private patient in SGH before for your no1 no2 child right? How's Prof Tan Hak Koon? Does he answers your questions patiently and caring doctor? As I'm also looking for a gynae to deliver my third child next year march as private patient, this will be my first time going to...
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    Thank you so much for your info babe, how much did you paid for the test
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    Is it recommended to do the NIPT at week 10?

    Hi babe, you're under nuh as sub or private patient? Nipt test at 700 to 800 is very affordable
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    Thank You!! As I'm having some existing body conditions. That's why I'm more wary of choosing my gynae. Can we request for ultrasound scans every time we visit her? And also did you opt for harmony or panaroma test?
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    Does she do unnecessary blood tests on you that time when she was taking care of you during your pregnancy? As I'm also considering Dr Shephali for taking care of me under private patient