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    Abusive, unreasonable and calculative spouse

    I waited for years because I wanted to wait till he’s ok to divorce. Big mistake. He just wanted to make sure that I am old enough for men to find me unattractive before he would let go. For men like that, they find pleasure in destroying others’ lives because they are a miserable lot. Please...
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    Married an asshole

    This kind of men put on an act before they get what they want so no point asking if he’s always been like this or how long have you known him. If he is out to cheat you, he will be the perfect boyfriend until it’s time for him to show his true colours. My ex spouse is exactly like that so I...
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    Abusive, unreasonable and calculative spouse

    There are a few moments in a woman’s life that are very crucial and vital to a woman, pregnancy and after-delivery being two of them. My ex husband was very resentful that I wasn’t doing the housework when I returned from the hospital after a caesarean. When I asked him to help me with putting...
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    Abusive, unreasonable and calculative spouse

    Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the evidence. I didn’t think things would turn out so ugly and he would be so ruthless. Doubly unfortunately, the court seems to be more interested in knowing who the child wants to live with only. I am not sure how accurate my sensing is but up till now, the...
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    Should I stay on?

    Examine your reasons for wanting a baby: 1) Is your marriage healthy? Or are you quarrelling very often? Are you trying to use a baby to tie your wife down? 2) You claimed that you love her. If you really love her, you would respect her decision. If a woman doesn’t want to have a baby with...
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    Abusive, unreasonable and calculative spouse

    Hi ladies, I was in the same kind of marriage for more than 15 years in terms of quarrelling every day. He doesn’t do housework at all, got into lots of debts and was a gambling addict. He stole my daughters’ and my jewelry and money for his gambling habits and debts. Of course, before...
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    Divorce Lawyer recommend

    That’s not true. I emailed them my queries like I did for the rest of the law firms. Other lawyers advised me on what grounds I could file on, asked me for my circumstances and made suggestions on what I could do. Surely I wouldn’t have gone all the way just to ask “How much is an uncontested...
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    Divorce Lawyer recommend

    It was the first lawyer I went to consult with. The female lawyer didn't seem interested to help. She only answered what I asked, like how much it cost if it's uncontested versus contested. Didn't advise much and didn't seem experienced. I struck it off my list the moment I stepped out of the firm.
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    Divorce Lawyer recommend

    ] Hi, I hope everything has turned out fine for you. I just want to let you know that when your child is young, the court will always give the child to the mother. There's nothing to fight. Don't worry about having to fight. In-laws are nothing. Remember to get child maintenance from your...
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    A Support Group for Divorcees

    Abused victims may not know they are abused. I was emotionally abused for more than 15 years without realising it until a psychologist pointed it out. I used to think that only physical abuse, the kind that lands you in hospital, qualifies as 'abuse'. Abused victims also tend to have kids with...
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    Divorce / separation problems, pls help. :(

    Hi, I am going through a difficult divorce now. I understand what you mean by wanting to stay together till your child's older and not wanting your traditional family members to know. I just want to share that I was like you, wanting to wait till my kid to get older before I get a divorce. I...
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    Estimation cost of divorce fee

    I am going through a divorce. I went to at least 5-7 lawyers to enquire. Their fees vary greatly. I chose the cheapest at first ($2000 before mediation) as my ex-spouse said he wanted to settle it amicably and without contest. Then he went to find some cheap but aggressive lawyers and demanded...