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    [HELP]Any good Water Purifier Recommend?

    I am thinking between wells and cosmo, any feedback?
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    Alkaline Water

    Agree, i saw nowadays many water dispenser shared it is save for pregnant mum and infants.
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    latest bill for delivery in SGH

    Anyone know where i can find the latest billing for delivering in SGH? be it natural or C-sect? My wifey is concern about the cost. Thank you in advance
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    BabyPlus Prenatal Education Systems

    It is mentioned that this system is for 1 pregnancy use, subsequent one the sound will be different. Is it true?
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    Cost for Emergency Delivery

    Wow thank you so much.
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    Cost for Emergency Delivery

    Thanks @tiggerpooh , will see how things go after the wk20 detailed scan. will find out more before discussing with my wifey. Now too early to decide on anything as well. If possible i do hope my wifey have a comfortable first pregnancy
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    Cost for Emergency Delivery

    Actually, so far gynae has yet to comment much as still early. Just that my wifey worried that the cost will be a bomb for us if she happens to be a complicated pregnancy. We are with Dr Wendy Teo for now and thinking about delivering in Mt E Novena. But if the cost is very high then have to...
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    Cost for Emergency Delivery

    @tiggerpooh , hmmm... i mean more like emergency situation when we have to deliver the baby before full term. So the baby have to stay at NICU, and will private hospital have facilities to support or we have to be transferred to public hospital like KK? My wifey is quite concern about the cost...
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    Cost for Emergency Delivery

    Hi All, After hearing a friend sharing about delivery during emergency situation, my wifey is quite concern about the cost if this really happen to us. Anywhere i can find the information or any one able to share? Emergency Situation like water bag burst/leak, or unexpected emergency situation...
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    Choosing a Gynae

    Congrats @ChapterJoey , depends if you are comfortable with male or female Gynae. My wifey is only comfortable with female Gynae. so I search based on her preference and also hospital preference. Our Gynae is Dr Wendy Teo for now
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    First Aid kit or essential for travel

    Hi All, Just wondering what will you all prepare when going overseas around 1st Trimester, especially first aid item. Going to BKK with my wifey and her extended family around early November TIA
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    Which gynae are you going for?

    Anyone going for Dr Wendy?
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    WA group for daddy May/June 19

    Any whatsapp goup chat that allows daddy? From online EDD calculator my little bun is 1st June.
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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    We have yet to see the doc, she doesn't wanna until we really have no choice. Ya i no wanna stress her up too much, but unable to manage all toxic factors around her (work, MIL, etc). My mum is always hinting left and right regardless how much i try to tone it down.
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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    Ya, but my wifey quite stress about it. cause it is like my sis gotten pregnant before her. She quite upset, as we gotten many false alarms. trying to console and calm her down
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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    That is quite true. Karma is one thing no one can verify, maybe just let nature takes it course.
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    Been discriminated while pregnant

    @Jel1992 , Just be positive. babies are a blessing for us. No one can guarantee what lies ahead of us, we just have to let nature takes it course. 是福不是祸 是祸躲不过. this is life, we just have to live with it and find the best way out of it. All these obstacles make us stronger. regardless of what...
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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    Usually how long after praying 注生娘娘 will have news? After getting 胜杯 in June 18, so far still no BFP, all false alarm
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    Anyone hear of "Ning Yin" (Ghost baby)

    Wow, i just PM you a contact. hope he is able to help
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    Anyone hear of "Ning Yin" (Ghost baby)

    Younger kids tend to be more sensitive then us adults.