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  1. piggy_77

    #202[Rkmum] ░ (One Batch Only!!)Carters/Oshkosh Up tp 75% Clearance Sales ░ - Close 20th AUG 2022 (10 pm) (SPREE CLOSED)

    Hi, I will like to order the following: Nick: piggy77 Emailhtml [email protected] Item 1 Quantity : 1 Size: 12m Price: $14 Item 2 Quantity : 1 Size: 12m...
  2. piggy_77

    Doctor Chan Kong Hon

    Hi, His antenatal package is $1600 which starts from week 20 onwards which includes consultation, scan n multivitamin. I am with him for my 3 pregnancies and waiting for my 4th in a week plus time. He is really a very good and experience gynae. Although he is expensive but you won't...
  3. piggy_77

    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend

    Y is it so exp now? I rem 4yrs ago mine was $2100 only
  4. piggy_77

    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend when can I call her?
  5. piggy_77

    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend

    I tried calling her spore no. Cnt get through n call her Malaysia no. No 1 pick up.
  6. piggy_77

    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend

    Hi, Is she really gd? How much is her rate?
  7. piggy_77

    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    Hi, Can add me to fb page too under Mabel Chia
  8. piggy_77

    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    Coz I m not working ever since no 3 so all the burden on him alone. Mine or 7,6 & 4. Haven't seen gynae yet. Called Tis noon to book to see on 18 March. Still thinking to kp ant but the cost of abortion is like giving birth to 1. Really don't know. If based on LMP my Edd shd b 11 Nov. I don't...
  9. piggy_77

    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    Hi melmel, I am same as u. Just tested positive on Sat. Was very paranoid duno to keep or not. Coz it's my 4th also. Unplanned and hb not really happy coz financially. My 2nd n 3rd also accident. So decided to stop who knows after 4yrs kena again. Stress!
  10. piggy_77

    Anyone expecting #4 or more this year? Pls come in

    Hi, I just testing that I m preg wif #4. Still thinking whether to kp ant coz feel stress up financially and mentally. Having to go through all over again. My kids are 2009,2010,2012. I m 39 now so bit worry abt all the complications if I kp.
  11. piggy_77

    WTS:new Clearblue ovolution kit & Pregnancy Test Kit Plus

    How much for the pregnancy test kit?
  12. piggy_77

    clearblue ovulation test kit

    Hi, Can I just get the pregnancy test? I can pick up from u
  13. piggy_77

    BN- Peter and Jane Series Whole Set

    Hi, Selling the above 36 books at $100 only. All brand new except 1a & 1b being read.
  14. piggy_77

    WTB: Reading Bee series reader books

    Hi, I have the following, let me know if u r interested in any. 1. A New bed 2. Cleaning the car 3. The great,enormous hamburger 4. The birthday cake 5. The juggler 6. Grandpa's new car 7. The hole in the ground 8. Keep looking 9. Earth and moon 10. Yummy in my tummy 11. At the zoo 12. Dr...
  15. piggy_77

    Preloved Long Pants (12-18mth)

    Selling at $12 each. Left is Polo Ralph n right is h&m
  16. piggy_77

    Preloved Baby Gap long jeans/pants 18-24mths

    Selling at $12 each in gd conditions.
  17. piggy_77

    Preloved Long Sleeve Shirt 12-18mths

    Hi, Selling at $15 each. All authentic n wear less than 3times.
  18. piggy_77

    Preloved Authentic Polo Ralph T-shirt

    Hi, Selling the below t shirt. Size 2T in gd conditions at $12 each.
  19. piggy_77

    Old Navy Winter Trench Coat (18-24mths)

    Hi, Selling at $20 in gd condition.
  20. piggy_77

    Preloved 2T Long Sleeve Shirt in good condition

    Selling all the below at $40. In very gd condition. Self collect at Kovan