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  1. jayjayqueenie

    Nipple cream bnip

    Brand new Pm if keen
  2. jayjayqueenie

    Lansinoh breastpads bnip

    Brand new Pm if keen
  3. jayjayqueenie

    Medela fs breastpump

    Selling preloved breastpump. Pm for info.
  4. jayjayqueenie

    Laidback husband

    Not to compare but I have a hubby who wants to decide everything for me. even how i feed my baby.
  5. jayjayqueenie

    Advice needed - How to settle financial matters of parents?

    try apply for CHAS using their name, not yours.
  6. jayjayqueenie

    Husband who can't think

    if no kids then i will not stop him from buying a car. i believe he is still working right? unless i notice he got reminder bills etc, then i will start to have a good discussion with him about finances.
  7. jayjayqueenie

    Help!! Advise Needed

    What local guy ? What about touching you ? you seem so pitiful from your 1st post but now i dont know anymore hmmm...
  8. jayjayqueenie

    Help!! Advise Needed

    Do u have older kids with u ? Depending on your circumstances, he may or may not necessary need to give u maintenance.