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    Looking for confinement lady in July 2024

    Hi Im looking for an experience confinement lady! please PM me or share your available for end June birth so early July confinement start! Somerset area.
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    Confinement nanny to recommend

    Pls pm me her contact, thanks
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    Free items for new mothers collect at somerset

    selling new bottles, new breast creams, used maternity wear. PM me if keen
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    Free items for new mothers collect at somerset

    2 used bottles. 2 lightly used bottles. 1 changing cover yellow water bottle for kids 24mm breast shield and more..... ideally for someone expecting baby and is in need.
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    How frequent to have sex is normal

    We are in late thirties. I have asked for sex once in a while but he’s doesn’t feel like all the time and if he does, I get the vibe from him that he feels like it’s a chore but I could be wrong. He cites stress, worries and work as the main reason why he has no mood but its been too long. Also...
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    Divorce support group

    Hi sorry to hear that and hope things are getting better for you. Having Childs changes the couple dynamics a lot and can lead to many arguments. Suggest you both seek Counselling while giving him time to change after sharing with him what behavior is not acceptable.
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    How frequent to have sex is normal

    How do you manage your needs/desires? After having 2 kids (2 yrs old and 6 months) , the intimacy is also zero now. I have a higher sex drive than my husband, and he always rejects my requests with many excuses. Then again when trying for kids having sex was not fun at all. But to me, having...
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    How frequent to have sex is normal

    Tend to agree with your observation. How to create excitement after having kids? Seems really challenging. The frequency really drops a lot with kids around esp if they sleep in the same room.
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    Breast milk needed

    Hello let me know if anyone has excess frozen breast milk to donate? Will greatly appreciate it.
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    Spectra s9+

    I have 2 sets of spectra S9+, dual breast pump. So selling one set as I don’t need 2 sets now. Very portable and works well even as a main set for mummies who latched on mostly. 2019 Korean version, pump and charger. $60 mint condition with box. PM or Contact 92nine62four05 to deal around...
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    August 2020 mummies

    u need to download the web version and click on this link.
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    Sept 2020 mummies

    I’m expericing massive nausea and food aversion but I still force myself to eat anyway. How you guys dealing with this?
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    IVF 2019 support group

    do you all home rest after ivf? I didnt bed rest for the past 2 times and it failed. this third time i also didnt bed rest, and I started spotting day 9 after 5 day embryo transfer.. a little worried now before my blood test.... been trying for so long and no luck.
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    IVF 2019 support group

    how was it? I am on 2ww now too. 9 days from 5embryo transfer. spotting a little fresh blood today. i guess no hope now.
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    Looking for baby to adopt

    Hi we are a healthy couple married for 6 yrs looking to adopt a Chinese or Eurasian baby to care for. We are professionals in he finance industry and have a healthy happy relationship. I had ectopic pregnancy twice and lost my right tubes, and miscarried. Pleas contact me.