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    WTG : Infant/newborn Bath tub

    Not for fussies. I think the brand is Safety first. great for new borns. Whatsapp 93390717 . no met meet ups. pick up from Thomson near TMC.
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    WTB - hao xue bao talking pen

    pls whatsapp me with price, condition and photos. thanks 93390717
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    Looking for good baby cot

    Hi, I have a mothercare Jamestown cot bed with mattress . Collection novena. Condition 8/10. Selling sgd170. Whatsapp 93390717 for pictures :)
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    Amazon Spree 1.28 rate (Aynix: Orchard, Woodlands, Queenstown)

    Hi, can help check on shipping cost for this item Thx
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    WTG - munchkin replacement straws

    thread closed
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    WTG - munchkin replacement straws please note that there is only 1 unused set and not 2 sets per picture in the link. sms 93390717 if keen. thanks
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    WTG - safety 1st easy fill medicine spoon sms 93390717 if keen.
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    WTG - HP 56 ink cartridge

    pick up at marina square kiddy palace. sms 9339 0717 if keen as i do not check this thread.
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    lol..i can just imagine all the frantic mummies rushing around the house every morning. now with two going to school, I seem to be "barking" even more..really like xiao char bo! i am practically feeding the kids their bread while they are still sitting on the potty doing small/big business :P...
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    doggiebb - know, i was kinda looking out for you! actually was surprised and happy that there was so little crowd - bean managed to sit nearly every ride twice and she went on that big roller coaster like 3 times. are you talking about the chicken rice shop at the mall? we ended up tah...
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    hey DD - sorry late reply, just managed to check the forum both SJ and i cant read/write/speak fluent mandarin . bean attends chinese kindy for 3 hours daily. figured we needed help and better to tackle it now.
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    christmas gathering - we will be back in Msia if it is on christmas day itself..what about the weekened before? like 15 or 16 dec? dustee - which convent school are you hoping to get? bbp - i am in your area on sunday evening/night..will ping you to see if convenient to pick up shoes...
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    bbp - i only got that one pix of jin bunny reading the storybook :P. thanks for organising and sorry about messin up your place - you forgot about the brocolli and mushroom veg and the chicken nuggets :D dd - lol..nope, no curry! but if you do a gathering for christmas , i can bring one. heehee.
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    hey SY will our kids (4 and 2) be able to enjoy snow city? if yes, i dont mind getting the tix...
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    cellow - hugs to you..just focus your energy on the kids. bbp - i bring fried noodles and nuggets ok. Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012 - 10:35 am: Deepavali LUNCH Foodie Gathering (Potluck) Date/Time: 13 Nov 2012, 12pm Venue: @bbp's Attendees: 1) bbp, Mr bbp, dec 2) the...
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    Deepavali LUNCH Foodie Gathering Date: 13 Nov 2012 Time: 12pm Venue: @bbp's Attendees: 1) bbp, Mr bbp, dec 2) the bunnies! pink, blue, curly and baldie 3) smiggleprincess and family 4) cinbunny, jinbunny and 2 beans pot luck correct?
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    (2008/07) July 2008

    Bbp - ok for us! This is deepavali Tuesday right ?