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    Muslimah WA group for 2022 EDD

    Hi I'm looking for a muslimah group too. But my son is turning 1 soon, pls direct me to a group chat if you know of one. I'm looking for playdates too
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    Any meet up activity for Moms and Babies

    Hi I am a sahm, I have a son turning 1 in Dec. I am looking for playdates for my son, and also would love to meet other mothers too. I do not have any friends who has a young child like mine.
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    Group chat for SAHM + WFH mum with young kid

    Hi I am looking for playdates. I am SAHM, my son is turning 1yrs old next month.
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Hi everyone, I just had a failed FET, and am thinking of asking doc to test for NK cells. how much is the cost of the test?