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    A transfer maid needed soon

    I have replied you. I realize I didn't mention I have 2 kids - 1 baby and 1 toddler :)
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    A transfer maid needed soon

    UPDATE: Thank you for your interests and PMs. I have several interviews lined up and not taking any more for the moment :)
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    (2013/08) August 2013

    Hi just delivered my baby 2 months ago and I agree on the support part. Would love to share tips, please add me to the Facebook group. Email [email protected]
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    Brazilian Waxing Safe?

    I do Brazilian waxing a couple of days before I am due because in case the doctor needs to cut I hope he will do a better job as its cleaner when he stitch it back up. However, due to the healing process I cannot repeat the procedure for another 2 months and the itch from the tiny hairs growing...
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    Left Handed or Right Handed?

    I am a leftie... For me nothing changes except for writing marks (ink or pencil) on my hands when writing composition, and it's irritating for the person sitting next to me for a meal because we have to "fight" for table space due to our hands clashing. Also to be more "normal" in my younger...
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    Confinement Lady

    H nahnah have emailed you
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    What do u think of Myanmar maids ?

    I had one for 9 months and it was a big drama and disaster. Maybe it's just mine but she was rude, insist in doing things her way and disrespectful of our private time. She also breaks stuff and lies all the time. My husband says she behaves like a gangster. Worst was when she started...
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    Cordlife or Stemcord or do nothing?

    Hi I signed up for Cordlife with my first. Now that I am expecting again, I am considering if it is necessary to do so for my second one as I remember my representative telling me that the stem from my firstborn can be used for siblings as well. What do you guys think
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    (2012/06) Jun 2012

    Hi I am a June 2012 mum as well. May I have the Facebook group to join as well?
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    (2013/08) August 2013

    I am also having slight ms even though its not my first pregnancy (first was fine with no morning sickness) and I am already in my 13 week. The worst thing is I kept feeling like puking but nothing comes out. I was sick for a month with cough and flu after coming back from overseas beginning...
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    (2013/08) August 2013

    Hi happy belated happy valentine's day everyone. second time mommy here, my first baby is 8 months old.. EDD 18th August 2013. Hope to make new mommy friends