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    Looking for a ballet school with angelica ballerina statue

    Hi kitty, I dun tink so dat she haf came across w dat sch.
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    WTB: 2 wheels scooter

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    Any good gynae in the west?

    Cck center there is 1 thomson medical clinic. Gynae is dr adrian woodworth. He is very understanding n gentle too. It is opp blk 302 or rather opp the interchange.
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    WTB: 2 wheels scooter

    pm mi if you have any to let go. Tks
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    Wtb: Ballet shoes suitable for 5-6yrs old

    Looking for a pair of ballet shoes, measurement ard 17cm inner soles. Do not mind preloved condition. Please pm mi the pic of the shoes or wa 98576637. Tks
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    WTB: Fragrance & Ballet Stocking

    Up for fragrance
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    Looking for a ballet school with angelica ballerina statue

    Hi mummies, I would like to know if there is any ballet school which haf the angelica ballerina statue? My ger haf been asking to go to d sch... but I dunnoe where is it? Do let me know if ur kiddie happen to learn there and at the same time, I would like to haf a few reviews on the ballet...
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    WTB: Fragrance & Ballet Stocking

    Hi, I am looking for the following items: 1) Davidoff Cool Water for women or Pleasure fragrance 2) Stockings or Panty hose (Skin colour) for Pre-primary ballet learner. Size if there is any either 130 or L size. 3) Blue colour Ballet top and skirt Please do Pm or email me at...
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    Ballet Lesson

    Hi, Anyone to recommend an afforadable ballet school for beginner? Preferably in the west.
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    WTB: Printer

    I m looking for a printer. Not neccessary to be all in one but I do not want HP brand. Pm mi if u have any. [email protected]
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    Anyone giving 3yo girl clothes

    Hi, I have some clothing which I maybe able to give foc to u. Please email me at [email protected]