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    (2017/04/26) BP5!ORIGINAL Mummycents spacesaverbags storage solution!Unclutter!

    Hi, Here's my order: i) 6 Small i.e $4.90 x 6 = $29.40 ii) 6 Medium i.e. $5.90 x 6 = $35.40 iii) 2 Large i.e. $7.90 + ($7.90 x 0.80) = $7.90 + $6.32 = $14.22 iv) 1 Manual air extractor i.e. $5 v) 2 Trouser hangers i.e. $7.50 x 2 = $15 Sub-Total = $99.02 + Top up for 2nd Free...
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    Support Group - Stillbirths

    Hi, ladies It has been a while since I visited this thread. When my son was stillborn Nov 2009 3 days before EDD, I read all the posts, though I didn't post any comments. I had pm-ed one of the ladies here, though, and she was kind enough to share her thoughts and advice. We also shared the...
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    Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

    hi, mummies i have a clearblue easy fertility monitor and ovulations sticks for sale. i bought 2 boxes of 30 sticks but ended up using only 6 then got pregnant within first month of usage so one box is unopened, the other has been opened, with 24 sticks left. anyone interested in the...
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    Any Comments For Melrose Catering? ? ?

    hi jan jan i used melrose two years ago for baby's first month. taste was ok. but by second day the glutinous rice had gone bad. the tarts, cakes, ang ku kueh and eggs lasted a day or two longer. and all these i had placed in the fridge by the end of the day. felt a bit pai seh to think that...
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    Advice Needed : Desitin Creamy Blue or Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream bttr for nappy rash ?

    i used mustela diaper cream (and bath and shampoo and lotions etc) for my girl from birth, but after a bout of diaper rash when she was ill and had to take medicine (think it was the medicine which may have made the pee more toxic to her skin), i discovered desitin creamy, which i have been...
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    Any Good Malay Massage lady to recommend

    hi, i used a freelancer for my first delivery 2 years ago. didn't find her that good and her oil and wrap gave me rashes so didn't keep her number. now, i am preparing for my second delivery in 3mths time and i'm looking for those from a spa or company instead of freelancer (in case...
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    Catholic Mothers

    hi, lush velvet my daughter was abt 6mths when she was baptised, but like denise says, don't be too worried abt being late. also, on the gown for baby, you'd need quick and easy access down the chest so may want to think abt that when shopping.
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    Which restaurant has playground in it?

    just to add another one - sol at turf city has indoor play corner for young kids and outdoor shaded playground for older ones.
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    Sharing on good Children books - English and Chinese

    hi, 3D may i have the contact, too? i'm looking for chinese books for my 1yr old. just to share, for english books i like the amazing baby books for their simple illustration and photographs of babies. my girl loves kissing the illustrated baby that they use for their logo.
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    1 year birthday Celebration

    hi, anyone knows about the chinese tradition of zhua zhou i.e. letting birthday child pick from items like pen, calculator, food item etc. to predict his/her future? need advise on the list of items and the meanings as i'd like to try that for my girl's coming 1st birthday. thanks
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    hi, esther i'm interested. my daughter is 10mths now and we stay nr kovan/upp serangoon. pls let me know if can accommodate us in the group and likely location. thanks
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    Advice needed from Pet-owners: Is this a cruel decision to make?

    Pls put the dog up for adoption by calling Action for Singapore Dogs (E-mail : [email protected]) instead of putting him to sleep or giving him to SPCA (which may put him to sleep) just because he has bad skin.
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    HOW to WARM up EBM in public

    hi becky chilled should be quite fast, what.. no need very warm. if frozen will take forever in a bottle so try using milk bags - thinner material so can the milk can melt faster in the warm water.
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    very little breast milk

    hi, mommies just to share. my daughter's coming 8mths and i'm tbfing. during 3mths maternity each time after latching and nursing i pumped. at night also, even if she doesn't wake up to feed. i also slowly from 20ml each time (and that's in total from both breasts) to 30ml and then slowly...
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    (2007/06) June 2007 MTB

    hi, sporty, glayz thanks for the info. will ask hubby whether he willing to go parkway (which is further for us) or just try tanglin mall for gymboree. for kindermusik, think will stick to the main one instead of the branch partner type. and reading about tumbletots.. wah, now got another one...
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    (2007/06) June 2007 MTB

    hi, sporty thanks, but heard there's a difference depending on the teacher or branch you attend. i'm staying in nth east so thinking of gymboree at harbourfront cos on the nel, altho tanglin may be better because more established? also kindermusik only at tanglin mall issit?
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    (2007/06) June 2007 MTB

    hi, mummies my girl is turning 7mths in a week and i'm looking at enrolling her in either kindermusik or gymboree class. would appreciate comments or suggestions on which is better from mummies. thanks in advance. and happy new year to all!
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    Yew Kwang Studio Photography

    oh, and whether the packages include makeup and hairstyling for the mum. thanks
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    Yew Kwang Studio Photography

    hi, yew kwang i'm interested in getting a package as a christmas gift for a pregnant mum (6mths). not sure if she wants newborn shots or family portraits so can let me know price for both? also the price for any extra prints etc. she and husband already have 2 daughters (3 & 6). thanks
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    Chin Leng, PLS TAKE NOTE!!!

    hi, CL just want to check if this site is moderated to note comments like these which i came across.. Posted on Monday, July 02, 2007 - 12:04pm: