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    @Pooh73, i pm you.
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    Red packet 2021

    2021 Aeon Mall Red Packets (Each one is different colour with different phrases)
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    Red packet 2021

    BNP Paribas Red Backets Deloitte Red Packets...
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    could it be ASD or just slow

    Hi mummies, Happened to chance upon this thread. My older boy is currently 13 yrs old now. When he was 2 yrs old, he can only call papa. We were not very concerned till we went for the milestone checkups at the polyclinic. The nurses and doctors were concerned. His all-round development was...
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    @Fe2ZnO4, Very insightful thoughts. :) With regards to this phrase 'But at the end of the day, he PICKED to come home to YOU', well, that I do not know. There could be many reasons. - The kids - The other woman is married too etc. To me, its a fact he cheated. Not once, but many times...
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    Sigh. Yes, Im taking the advice some of you give me. Im gathering more proof.
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    Selling Magic Treehouse Hard Cover Books
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    Selling BN Lingerie

    Put on weight, cannot wear them. :( Seamless Bra Lace Bralette...
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    Selling BN P4 English Assessment Books
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    Selling BN Stationery

    Selling whiteboard markers Pilot Whiteboard Markers Non Toxic markers...
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    WTS: P1, P2, P3 Assessment Book (New!)

    Pls refer to photos here
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    3 bottles of Hand Santiziers

    I have 3 bottles of 70% alcohol sand santizers to let go. (Bought for my parents but they have bought a few bottles for themselves.) Pls PM if keen.
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    Geronimo Stilton Books

    Clearing good condition Geronimo Stilton Books. Please view pictures at
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    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing fine. Im recovering slowly. There are still bad days but I chose to focus my energy and attention on my work and kids. :) Wishing all of you a happy CNY!
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    WTB Red packet & Angpow Packet

    I have sharity elephant & Simmons
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    WTB Red packet & Angpow Packet

    I have 2020 indomie red packets
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    2020 Robinsons Red Packets ($2.50 per pack)

    Please refer to carousell link below for photos.
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    WTB Red packet & Angpow Packet

    I have 2020 Robinsons 6 pieces in 1 pack.
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    WTG by Mail: New Chinese Writing Book

    Please visit link here.
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    I disagree. The sitting down to talk part will only happen if one party is truly remorseful and not take the wife as a fool. We are all victims of husbands lying to us after we chose to give the marriage another chance or worse still many chances. I gave mine a chance. Supported him in his...