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    [blues00] Micro Scooters - Kick Scooter

    Done with transfer, please verify (tx ref: 14528918084) and msg me for the collection details, thank you.
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    [blues00] Micro Scooters - Kick Scooter

    Done with the transfer, pls verify Cintcl, tx ref: 14435994607 PM me if u never received.
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    [blues00] Micro Scooters - Kick Scooter

    I will like to order the following: MAXI (T-bar): €69 euros Colours: orange MAXI (T-bar): €69 euros Colours: purple if OSS, orange/purple follow by black. Let me know how much I need to transfer, thanks
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    [blues00] Micro Scooters - Kick Scooter

    I will like to get 2 maxi, let me know if you are organizing new batch thank you. Have PM u my email address too.
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    THE CHILDREN'S PLACE SPREE by (Lynn54 ) 20% off (Taking order now) closing asap

    Nick : cintcl email addy: [email protected] Collection : CCK Ave 5 If OSS or no 40% discounts: Drop the order Item #1 Item Name: Skinny Jeans - Zelene URL...
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    WTB: RWS staycation on 16 Nov 2013

    Do contact me if you have any hotel stay to let go, thanks.
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    Wtb: chalet or hotel stay

    Looking for hotel or chalet stay on 21 dec weekend. Contact me if you are letting go any. Thanks
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    ~ Birkenstock (Footshopping) ~ Mickey

    Nick/ Name: cintcl Email & Contact details will be sent via email. Thanks. Collection: TANJONG PAGAR STATION Gizeh Rhomb White(Papillio) Art.Nr.:268941 Size: 36 regular Price: 36.86 Alt if OOS: Drop Cuba Summerkiss...
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    Wtb: karihome milk powder infant/ stge 2.

    400g karihome stage 2 @$8 Self collect at commonwealth or Tampines
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    Looking for FP infant to toddler rocker and FP bouncer

    Prelove FP infant to toddler rocker @$30 Prelove FP bouncer @$25 Take both @$50, PM me for picture if keen
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    Similac 1 n 2 or Mamil gold 1 or 2

    400g mamil gold step2 exp- feb 2013 @$8 Self collect at Tampines or Commonwealth
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    thks chloe & winnie, manage to get bb sock at 50 + 10% last weekend at fox
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    hi chloe any idea fox 50% sales storewide is till when?
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    Any GOOD Part-time Cleaner?

    I'm looking for part-time cleaner at tampines for my mummy, do PM me if you have any recommendation thanks
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    Any part time helper to recommended at east area?

    Do PM or email me at [email protected] if you have any part-time helper to recommend at east area