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    Support Group - Endometriosis and Fibroids.

    I highly recommend Dr. Kelly Loi at Health and Fertility Centre for Women for open surgery on fibroids. Dr. Loi possesses exceptional expertise and a commendable track record in this field. Her commitment to patient care and surgical skills make her an excellent choice for addressing fibroids...
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    I understand your concerns. It's advisable to consult with an expert like Dr. Kelly Loi at the Health and Fertility Centre for Women. She can provide guidance on your situation, considering your age and menstrual history. Early detection is essential, and Dr. Loi's expertise ensures you receive...
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    Recommendation for Gynae

    For a highly recommended female gynecologist, consider Dr. Kelly Loi at the Health and Fertility Centre for Women. Her expertise and compassionate care align with your needs. Best wishes on your pregnancy and delivery!
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    Female Ob-gyn in Thomson Medical

    I know of a good obgyn at Thomson Med but he's a male gynae. I can vouch for his professionalism and skill, however. He's been my gynae for over 5 years and obstet for my 2 kids. In case you ever change your mind, you can check him out. His name is Dr Ben Choey. He has a private clinic at AMK...