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    WTB: baby cot,stroller for New-born baby

    Fire engine cot with bumper, mattress & pillow etc. Front can drop down and 3 level of adjustment.. $70 Self collect at clementi
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    wtb NTUC & taka vouchers at 10% disc

    Pls state voucher type, amount & expiry date. You can either email to me at [email protected] or watsap 90082291.
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    WTB receipt

    Hi Any one with receipt/invoice of handphone/tab/pc purchase (not those re-contract from singtel/M1/Starhub) to give away? I pay for postage & tokens of appreciation will be given... TIA. email me at [email protected]
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    WTB Samsung S4

    $750 if you are keen... & can meet up in the west.
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    WTB child seat for bicycle

    Anyone have a gd conditioned child seat to let go? Pls email pics to [email protected]
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    (2012/06) Jun 2012

    Hello, which of you is the FB administer? or Pls add me [email protected] TIA>>>
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    (2012/06) Jun 2012

    Hi my 2nd bb is also Jun 2012. How to join the FB for this grp? I went to search under FB but cant find.
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    (2012/06) Jun 2012

    Hi All, I'm a Nov 2010 a Jun 2012 mum. Those with breasts blocked duct prob can go to Mdm Rokkiah. She will remove ur block duct, pls do not wait till fever comes or pus in the breasts. I see her for my 2 births... she is very gd. LC will only advise you to latch & massage but they do...
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    Part Time Confinement Lady

    I'm looking for an experience part-time confinement lady for 4-6 hrs/day. Must be able to teach cooking of confinement food & takes care of baby well. Housework will be taken care of by maid. Pls PM me if interested & let me know how much you charge.
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    (2012/07) Jul 2012

    Me in west leh... think not much Jul mummies stay in west. If 19 dec onwards jio me la Im available .. cos I will be on leave till next year. Oh... Im 11 weeks today. My OSCAR next week. Doing the scan & triple test. OSCAR is to test for Down Syndrome in case some wondering.
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    (2012/07) Jul 2012

    Dear mummies, How many weeks are you now? Have you been schedule for your OSCAR test?
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    (2012/07) Jul 2012

    Fluffy, where's the MJ?... lazy to travel too far :p
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    (2012/07) Jul 2012

    Audrey if you dun eat, your stomach will start building up gastric... u will feel hungry and nausea & will puke once u eat, which is worst. So eat a little by little. Try some plain biscuits... or bread.
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    (2012/07) Jul 2012

    Audrey, thats morn sickness. Its a gd sign to show that hormone level are high enuff to support the pregnancy. No need to see gynae, unless u wan medicine to help u reduce puking... but it's a drowsy drug. I've been puking since 4th weeks of this pregnancy and my #1. The puking will stop at...
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    Advice needed: is it safe traveling to Japan?

    Hi I went to Kyushu on Oct 2011 with my hub & my bb of 11 mths. It is also while there I suspected I've conceived my 2nd one. Some thing to look out for: 1) Food - bring a lot of baby powder from Spore if your bb does not accept any other milk powder cos the local ones are all made in...
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Hi Wendy, Count me in for Fri, 12 Aug meeting at JP. Btw, it's lunch or dinner?
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    kooladonia: You can buy a teat hole puncher from Farlin, Or borrow from whoever who has one. One cost 6.90 or 7.90... cant rem.
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    Discount Codes for US stores

    iherb $5 discount referral code. pls free feel to use it..... GOH458
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Jolyn: add some milk to the potatoes, mix it well to get a smooth paste.
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    How to conceive easily? <IMG SRC="" ALT

    Hi Invigorate, I had 3 IUIs, 2 failed and 1 successful. Now I have a 7 mth old daughter. My gynae is PC Wong from NUH. Sucess rate is highest in NUH &amp; KKH. Only if you fail IUI 5 times, then gynae will suggest IVF. Anyway, whatever IUI or IVF put you on a emotional roller coaster. That's...