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    WTB : All 2016 Red Packets / Ang Pow / Hong Bao

    I have BMW 2016 and fairmont singapore red packet. Letting go at $14 per set with standard postage and bubble enevelope. PM me if keen.
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    WTB 2016 Red packet / Ang pow / Hongbao / Angbao

    I have BMW 2016 red packet to let go at $14 per set. Price inclusive of standard postage with bubble envelope.
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    WTB 2016 Red packets/angpow

    I have Friends of the zoo red packet. Letting go at $5. Free standard postage.
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    WTB: Ang bao / Red Packet / Angpow

    I have friends of the zoo red packet. 8 pieces in each set. Letting go at $5 per pack. Free standard postage.
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    WTB: 2016 Red Packet / Ang pow / Hong bao

    I have Daikin red packets selling at $7 per pack, price inclusive of standard postage. Each pack has 4 designs with 2 pieces each. PM if keen.
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    WTB 2016 Red Packets

    Hi, i have red packets from Daikin at $7 per pack, inclusive of standard postage. It comes in 4 designs with 2 pieces of each design. PM if keen.
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    JOJO WTB : M size diapers

    Hi, I got petpet m size, 80 pieces letting go at $16 and mamypoko m size, 66 pieces letting go at $18. Collection at yew tee.
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    How to lose post pregnancy weight

    Breastfeeding helps a lot. I became lighter than my pre-pregancy weight without exercising.
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    WTB bn baby wipes

    I have Pigeon 82s (red packaging) selling at $3 per pack. Expire on Oct 2015. Self collection at Yew Tee. PM me if interested.