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    WTS BNIB NTUC Visions 4L Covered Casserole

    I bought this brand new in box 4 Litre Covered Casserole by Visions (Made in Japan) from NTUC's current promotion. It costs 8 points and $40. It has never been washed or used. Best offer secures!
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    (2024/05/20) Proven AIR-CON SERVICEw/2,000+ SMH-Mummies' Supports So Far!FREE SWAROVSKI-Ring PROMO!

    Also, how do we know if we need a chemical wash with fully dismantling? I would need a chemical wash for some of my units. Please pm me for available timing. Is chemical cleaning necessary 3 times a year? How come the packages are based on 3 times a year?
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    (2024/05/20) Proven AIR-CON SERVICEw/2,000+ SMH-Mummies' Supports So Far!FREE SWAROVSKI-Ring PROMO!

    Hi May I enquire as to the difference between chemical cleaning and normal servicing? For a normal servicing, will the technician take out the aircon drum to wash? My regular service guy apparently only vacuums the inside and wash the filter (which my maid can do) and vacuums the drainage...
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    Birthday Cake pics to share

    More pictures.
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    Birthday Cake pics to share

    Here are pictures of my son's first birthday cake by Vivian. It was orange citrus cake with raspberry filling. Very yummy.
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    1st Birthday Party

    I just celebrated my second son's first birthday party in my condo function room. For my first son, we celebrated in a hotel function room. After 2 birthday parties, here are some tips: 1. Hire a good entertainer. He will make the party extra memorable. More so than any decoration. 2. If...
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    Vitakids at Forum, Pharma Plus at Camden Medical Centre - do call first Also
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    Jgal isn't it first in first out? As in feed the oldest milk first?
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    Oh I don't think I have strictly kept to 48 hours. Freezing milk would spoil its antibacterial properties or other good stuff so I avoid doing it. And there are lots of raw food in my freezer as we shop and freeze for the week.
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    cocobunz 950ml is above average intake so should be quite good but it depends on your baby's daily intake. I notice that most of the mummies are talking about freezing milk. I have been pumping since first week exclusively but have not frozen any. My son is 4 months plus. Usually I have...
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    I use my left arm to form a L shape with the left arm parallel to the body like doing a salute at chest level. The left funnel is held between the leftmost end of the arm and your chest while the right funnel is held in yourleft hand. Just hold the funnel tight to avoid dripping. Normally with...
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    Any advise on Pat's School house?

    Anyone has any comments on Pat's Schoolhouse Claymore Branch?
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    OC Try to distract yourself when pumping. I hold the funnels with one hand and surf the web with the other. Or you can try the handsfree kit. Time passes more pleasantly this way. You need to experiment with speed and suction power to find what suits you. Sometimes turning off the pump for a...
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    Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)

    OC you don't have a problem with supply if your baby is feeding fine without supplements. Your problem seems to be let down with the pump. I think it takes time for the body to learn to have a proper letdown with a pump. Do you pump in place of a nursing session or shortly after a nursing...
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    Are diaper bags really useful?

    I used to use a Allerhand messenger bag. Recently with 2 kids and a bit more experience, I have changed to a microfibre tote bag with an Alexa bag organiser (bought through BP in singaporemotherhood) inside. The Allerhand comes with a nice padded changing mat but I don't like the manly looks...
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    Anyone gave birth at Gleneagle?

    I delivered in GH in May 07 and Jan 09. I was in a single bed in the newly renovated Ward 6 for my second delivery. The room is definitely more updated but I find the design of the bathroom a bit odd. The shower area does not have a kerb or a drop to contain the water and water from the shower...
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    16mth old still eating paste like porridge?

    I hear different theories but I think it really depends on the kid. My son was fed Western style pureed food since he started weaning but he has no particular preference for soft foods. Around 18 - 20 months, he prefers rice and would start to reject porridge. In fact he wasn't much of a...
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    Advise needed: how bad is the natural labour pain without pain killer

    Hi I just delivered a few days ago without epidural and in one hour plus upon reaching hospital. Sometime after midnight, I felt cramps like I need to pass motion. When it was felt in my lower back and going to the toilet didn't seem to help, then I realise it could be contractions. The...
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    1 year birthday Celebration

    j-popo sorry haven't check this thread for a while. No, I haven't tried Pine Garden. No one I know has ordered from them. I know it's supposed to have fancier taste than SO. For me, I didn't bother to order from PG for my son's first birthday because I would have to go all the way to Ang Mo...