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  1. J

    Confinement Lady in Oct

    Hi, does anyone have any recommendation or available slot for confinement starting from 18 Oct onwards ? First Time Mother and staying in north east line. I tried to contact a few but they are fully booked :(
  2. J

    Recommending my mum as a confinement lady

    Hi bendi, how much is your mom charging ? Looking at mid October onwards.
  3. J

    Looking for babysitter/Infant Care/Nanny

    Hi, looking for a baby sitter in north east line from Oct 17 onwards. Preferably morning til night.
  4. J

    October 2017 Mummies

    Anyone from KKH? I only did the Down syndrome test and so far it's looking good. Will the doctor recommend you to do paranoma test ? Is it a compulsory thing to do ? My doctor did not mentioned that.
  5. J

    October 2017 Mummies

    Hi, any recommendation on hiring nanny or helper ? Probably need one hokkien speaking to communicate with my mother in law..