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    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend

    Her hp nos is 60172509785. Her name is ah qing
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    Looking for a part time maid

    My part time cleaner dont mind to travel around singapore to do cleaning. Her nos is 8191 5806. Her name is 张姐
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    Nanny service at Sengkang

    Will u consider after school care.
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    part time confinement lady

    Her nos is +60172509785. Her name is 雪琴
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    Looking for nanny at fernvale street

    I am looking for a chinese nanny to pick up my son from primary school and take care him until 5pm. From mon to fri. Taking care him from jan 2018. Pls contact me.
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    2016/07 July babies

    My gal turn to 1 next week. Feel anxious n exciting for the event
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    Recommending my mum as a confinement lady

    I had 1 cl to recommend. Her name is ah qing. Her nos is 60172509785. I extend her 2month
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    Looking for part time confinement nanny

    I give u her nos 60172509785. I dont know whether her price still remain the same. She is a friendly auntie. Take care
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    2017 Confinement lady for recommendation

    I had auntie to recommend. I extend her for 2 months. Her nos is 60172509785. U can contact her
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    2016/07 July babies

    Thanks. Do u decorate the event?
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    2016/07 July babies

    Can share the contact for cake n catering?
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    KKH Gynae Recommendation

    Dr phoon do delivery. She do c section for me last year july
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    Need English-speaking confinement nanny

    My cl can speak english but not fluently
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    Confinement nanny - sleeping arrangements

    My confirment is k. Sleep at living room or with baby
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    confinement lady to recommend

    $2800 for 28 days
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    Aug 2017 Mummies

    +60172509785. Ah qing. She is in spore now
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    2016/07 July babies

    Mine no teeth until now
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    Are CLs OK to sleep in living room?

    My auntie dont mind sleep in living room. She is in spore. Can call her at +60172509785. Her name is ah qing
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    Aug 2017 Mummies

    Anyone looking good n experience cl
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    Dr Sim Wen Shan from KKH

    She is good n patience. The waiting is short. She help me with my c section. She is fast and sewing skill is good.