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    New Divorcee harassed by ex husband

    My lawyers did fight the case for a long period. As the case got dragged, it was mitigated by the lawyers to come to a neutral situation.
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    New Divorcee harassed by ex husband

    Unreasonable behaviour. Like i wasn't a good mother to my children cos I'm a smoker & social drinker. Claims I'm mentally unsound to take care of the kids. The allegations has no proofs. Both the lawyers sat down to mitigate & get the divorce.
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    New Divorcee harassed by ex husband

    Dear mummies, I need honest opinion, guidance or any sort of advise. I'm a single mom now with 2 kids. Singaporean who was married to a Indian National. After being in an abusive relationship physically, emotionally & mentally he filed for a divorce after i found out that he has spent our joint...
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    New divorcee single mum of 2 has been constantly harrassed.

    Dear mummies, I'm a new divorcee, local, Indian who married an INR for 9 years. He was having multiple affairs including one with my maid. Physically & sexually abusive. I've 2 kids with him. Our divorce was finalised in Feb. Once he became a citizen in Dec last year, he filed his divorce...