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  1. yuzhen0309

    Any Good Confinement Lady Recommend?

    Hi Mummies, Have anyone engage CL name Yu Lan with contact no. +60 16-792 5657. As my original CL cannot make it so she intro her friend. Did anyone engaged this CL Yu Lan before, can you please share your experiences with me. I cannot find anything regarding CL Yu Lan at all, hence I need...
  2. yuzhen0309

    Recommendation of my confinement lady

    Hi candymoshi, May I know your confinement lady's contact? TIA
  3. yuzhen0309

    Confinement Nannies to Recommend / to Blacklist

    Hello Mummies, Need help here..... Looking for reliable confinement nanny as I did not have a good experience with my previous confinement nanny 2 years back. Please recommend some trust-able confinement nanny & which are the ones that I should blacklist [really afraid to have bad experience...
  4. yuzhen0309

    Any Good Confinement Lady Recommend?

    Hi, care to share how good is your CL?
  5. yuzhen0309

    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Hi Mummies, I need to find a very small cot or bed for my 2months old bb due to space constraint. Any suggestion? TIA
  6. yuzhen0309

    What is the confinement nanny rate for 2015?

    Hi leimommy, Hows your CL you had previously?
  7. yuzhen0309

    Confinement nanny

    Hi Mummy, Could you please share the price range she charge you?
  8. yuzhen0309

    Confinement nanny

    Hi Mummies, Anyone doing confinement and can recommend your CL to me. I need in May'15. Thanks!!