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    Going back to work right after confinement? Hope this help. Think for your health and your baby first. Take good care!
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    Bali guide

    As bali is short haul, pack small Canister or bag will do. Need to pay tax in cash at dps airport when depart. Cant remember how much, my last trip in jun14. Have a good trip!
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    COCOONCENTER Spree by Vin

    Trans Ref : 13643083336 Dtd 26Nov14 11am Amt : SGD0.52 Will pm u my mailing address. Thank you!
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    COCOONCENTER Spree by Vin

    Order Format NICK: cutecute Collection: Reg mail Email: [email protected] Item name: Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Serum Women 2 x 12 Phials URL: Qty: 1 box @ EUR41.58 1st...
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    COCOONCENTER Spree by Vin Tomorrow trf to u. Thanks.
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    COCOONCENTER Spree by Vin

    Can still order?
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    TERRY93 - LONGCHAMP - sent from France - 100% Authentic

    EIFFEL TOWER medium short handle Reference : 1623346 How much? Many thanks.
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    To share a very nice and touching song - 都要好好的

    meaningful but just a fairy tale.
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    SEPHORA SG (Free shipping) @ 20% off Regular Item ~vicky~

    Batch 9 Trans ref : 10102935636 Dtd 14Sep12 8.40pm SGD4.73 Pls ack recpt. Thank you!
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    www.iherb.com_10% off_Free Shipping_Clementi & Jurong Point

    Name/NICK: cutecute Email: [email protected] Collection point/method: Clementi MRT Station - Weekdays 6.45pm Item #1 Item Desc: Now Foods, Solutions, Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Url ...
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    SEPHORA SG (Free shipping) @ 20% off Regular Item ~vicky~

    Nick/Name: cutecute Distribution Mode: Raffles Place MRT Email: [email protected] Item Name: john masters organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum 1 fl oz (30 ml) URL: Quantity: 1...
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    ! -- child care info collection

    thanks for sharing
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    (2004/04) April Mummy

    Hi Maple Jiaxu is in morning session now. He is taking breakfast b4 going to sch. 45min should be enough to get ready for brush teeth, change clothes, eat breakfast. Jiaxu also quite slow playing around, so my mil keep on shouting quick! quick! late already! what a tough job.. haha..
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    (2004/04) April Mummy

    4th year assessment incl vision check-up, which I think its important. JiaXu now 14kg, stands 1m. I haven't get him an ezylink card yet.. Does any mummies bought it for them already?
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    (2004/04) April Mummy

    I have changed his appt to this Fri cos my husband cant make it..
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    (2004/04) April Mummy

    I also dun know abt the 4 yrs old assessment. Just now call polyclinic to check & they said have to go. Have booked tomor morning. JiaXu also slow is speech but lucky got improvment when he is in childcare. Hi joy_apr I never head of this centre b4 but private is very expensive...
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    Advice on $20K+ bill (40days in neonatal ICU)

    Request hospital to let you pay installment.
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    Hi Lena Can u PM me the catalogue too? Many thanks.
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    Any Porridge Recipies to Share??

    hi Thumbprint Can PM me the link too? Many thanks!
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    (2004/04) April Mummy

    Hi Ann Your gal very chubby loh.. unlike my boi, very thin. Btw, did any mummies brought their child for chickenpox injection? Yesterday brought JH for his last 5 in injection in the polyclinic. The nurse said the protection is for lifetime, cost abt $66 if i not wrong. Thinking might bring...