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    May 2018 Mummies

    Me gave birth in 6may
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    Post natal masseur

    Hi, just delivered to a baby boy 2 days ago, is it ok to go for post natal massage after delivery or should wait at least a week for the vagina wound to heal first? torn the vagina and anal muscle during delivery). Will the masseur be massaging the area around vagina too? Any recommendation...
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    Signs of labor

    Hi moms, How do i know i am about to go into labor? What the the signs and symptoms? How does contractions feels like, is it the same as tummy ache. I have been having lower tummy ache very frequently recently.
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    Hi may i know how does the doctor estimate the due date for the baby? Is it only by us telling the doctor when is our last menstrual date? Are they able to double check through the scan? Concern is I do not keep track of the menstrual dates hence the information may not be accurate.
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    May 2018 Mummies

    Can i know roughly much is her rates? Eg. For a routine scan.
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    Any good female gynae from Thomson/Raffles to recommend?

    What is the price difference between KKH and private hospitals? I am thinking of switching to private hospital but am unsure of the pricings.
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    May 2018 Mummies

    My EDD is 21 May. From scans in KKH, placenta is still low lying. Anyone have female gynae to recommend in private hospital?
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    Confinement lady in May 2018

    Hi all, This is my first baby and my EDD is in May and i am looking for a experienced confinement lady. I have looked for a few but they were all occupied in May. Another question is, is confinement lady supposed to stay at ur place or they will go back to their place and come back the next...