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    Any comments on Ascension Kindergarten?

    Hi Hi mummies, This is just to share about what I know of Acension.... I think gym for N2 is pretty new, when my boy was in N2, he did not have it. I think only 1 or 2 kids will not join gym. My boy said his teacher allow those kids to bring a book along with them. My kids are only in the...
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    Hi Rachel, PM you.
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    Any comments on Ascension Kindergarten?

    Hi Bitzer, Registration for N2 will be in April. They do allow parents to go for a few days but not 2-3 weeks. My experience: My girl started N1 3weeks ago. She was doing well. It was only when kids who has no sibilings in the school started coming in then her anxiety started. All the...
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    Any comments on Ascension Kindergarten?

    Hi Bitzer, Your boy is a 2006 baby I guess. He should be in N1 2009. As long as there are places, you may register but N1 is full I believe for both sessions in 2009. If not, wait for April and register for N2 next year. Chances maybe better coz 4 classes instead of N1 3 classes only. Oh...
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    1 year birthday Celebration

    Hi bbroom, Did you "design" the cake? How is the coordination with PG?
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    Berries or Tien Hsia

    Yes I agree with Rayjay, Tien Hsia is very worksheet based. Other then weekly spelling, she has school spelling...I also thought of switching to Berries. Still looking at Hua, Han and eduplus language centre.
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    Any GOOD Part-time Cleaner?

    Looking for a part-time cleaner. Any contacts to give?
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    I Can Read - Anyone tried?

    Singaram, any of your friends kid attend Jan& Elly phonics? I'm thinking of putting my boy there but so far receive only one feedback from a mum ( I think not that "well-known" yet) Hi Meng Hong - Jan& Elly website. They only got 2 centres: The Rail Mall & Serangoon Garden...
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    Any comments on Ascension Kindergarten?

    Its a good kindergarten. My kids are there. You can PM me if you would like to know more.