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    April 2022 edd

    Hi, I would like to join the chat too. Can you pm ne the link too?
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    IVF in 2021?

    Thank you! Good luck to you too :)
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    IVF in 2021?

    Appreciate your reply ♡ so much. Ya, my blood test in 2 more days. Hope to share positive result here by then. Tww is an agony (especially doing ivf cos the procedure already let us pin slightly higher hopes than our usual natural way of ttc, thinking already pass the fertilised egg stage)...
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    IVF in 2021?

    Hi all, I'm going through ivf and today's 12dp3dt (fresh embryo transfer). After my crinone progesterone gel insert (2nd insert for today), there's quite a bit of blood stain on the stick when taken out (it's red blood, not brownish but also not bright red). So worried that it's a sign that this...