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    Postnatal Thai Slimming Massage (with results)

    Hi Sarphis, I actually took both types of herbal drink, one brown colour in clear bottle and one brown bottle - 30 bottles each. The clear bottle one helps with blood circulation during the massage and gets rid of amniotic water (she’ll ask you to drink after hot steam). Taste wise, bad but...
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    Postnatal Thai Slimming Massage (with results)

    Hello ladies!!! Are you the first time mother? Or are you frustrated with Jamu/Malay styled postnatal massage and wrapping which shows no results? If so, read on! I'd like to share my personal experience and story with you all. Highly recommended for all mothers! My background I put on 23kg...
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    Post Natal Thai Slimming Massage (Highly recommended)

    Hey Jung, Thanks for sharing this amazing story. I've just finished my package with Nit a couple of weeks ago. Awesome results indeed! Cheers! Jenifir