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    Sore throat and cough week 13

    Due end July 2020, was sick for 3 weeks in end Nov till early Dec, running on high fever on and off, flu, bad cough and sore throat. Saw 3 doctor, got much better when the last doctor gave me chlorpheniramine 4mg, danzen 5mg which control my fever and throat which lessen my cough. Was given...
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    2017 Csect Mummies

    Hello Mummy, can you recommend your 2nd gynae? I have a bad keloid from my first Csect and would like to seek for a gynae who is able to help to remove it during second csect.
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    Trying for a 2018 baby

    I took Blackmores Conceive Well Gold for about 4-5 months as well as seeking TCM treatment to prep the body.
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    Travelling is ok, i traveled to London during my 6 weeks. At 11 weeks, it should be more or less stabilized. Dont worry about that, or u can consult your gynae.
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    Pregnant but scolded for not giving seat to elderly

    Too many elderly or even not-so-old-trying-to-behave-old people are feeling self-entitled to seats. Some of them are so rude, do not deserve the respect. There are also young ppl who are sick and may need the seat more than them.
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    Me too! Been feeling cold, I used to be person who needs to on air con in order to fall asleep but i can't do it now. Hormones change, i guess.
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    Feb 2018 mummies to be

    Hello All, I am first time mum to be too, just test positive yesterday. Have not gone to Gynae yet as i'm quite confused what is the next step. Anyone experience tummy cramp the whole day? I happened to have a London holiday end of June, is it ok to travel long haul?