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    Any Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Solutions?

    Hihi, I just did some research on the swallowable balloon since I WFH recently. The name of this gastric balloon thingy is Elipse balloon right? It is a non-surgical and fast procedure. From my opinion, I think this is worth considering. :D
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    Any Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Solutions?

    Swallowable balloon? Haha! Sound interesting and new to me. Is this swallowable balloon available in Singapore? I will do a research on it. Thanks for sharing! :p
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    Part time cleaner

    Hi, I am looking for a PT cleaner during weekdays at Toa Payoh. Looking at it twice a week. Please PM me and TYIA. :)
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    <<My Story of Slimming After Post-Pregnancy>>

    Hihi, so did you cut down on sugar intake? How about fruits? TYIA ;)
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    Looking for Nanny in Sengkang Area

    PM please. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Any Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Solutions?

    Hihi, I am new here. I am looking for weight loss solution too. I saw this post while doing my google research so I just register an account. I've tried those commercial beauty salons but it doesn't really help. And they keep selling me packages. I also tried intermittent fasting. Is so hard to...