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    Looking for confinement nanny August 2021

    Hi mummies, I’m looking for confinement nanny who is available preferably from end July and the month of August. My edd is 11th august would really appreciate to find a nanny who is available at this period of time. your recommendation will be sincerely appreciated! Thank you!!
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    Confinement Nanny available for Jul '20

    Hi, pm u for the contact . Thank u
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    Year 2020 June Mommies

    hello deariejojo, I’ve pm u! :)
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    Hi babe! I want to join the group too, Is “starting conversation” equals to pm? sorry Im new here!
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    IVF April 2018

    Hi ladies, I’m new to this forum! I know this thread seems to be dedicated to ppl doing their ivf in April, hows everything for u girls? I’m with kkh at the moment and gynae said I can only start my ivf in July. Any idea what’s with the wait? Did u girls waited this long from ur first consult...