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    Reducing c-section scar

    I saw Palmers has a serum that promises to reduce scars appearance. has anyone tried?
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    Reducing c-section scar

    Thanks for all the comments. Mine is at the bikini line. Can i get Benovate at Guardian pharmacy??
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    Reducing c-section scar

    Anyone with tips on how to make the c-section scar less obvious? Can I apply moisturiser? Mine is 4-months old and it's still a red line.
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    Baby Full Month Celebration Cakes/Biscuits

    very pretty cupcakes! but can they include the traditional ang ku-kueh and red eggs as well?
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    Advise for Post Natal Massage

    Hi all, Sorry to interrupt. I may have to go for a c-section and wonder if I can still have a post-natal massage. Can I? Do I have to wait for a week after delivery before I can do the massage? Any special instructions for the massage lady? Thanks!
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    Any MTB in Punggol?

    Hi all mommies, I'm staying in Sengkang and EDD in July. Am looking for a baby sitter who can take care of my bb when I go back to work in October. Was wondering if any of you have recomemdations for a nanny staying in SK or Punggol who is hygenic and really cares for young children...