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    Books by TMC Wong Boh Boi

    Hi, I'm looking for the 3 books by Mrs Wong below, please pm me. thanks 1) guide to breastfeeding 2) guide to childcare 3) guide to childbirth
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    WTB: K2-P1 Berries & Tian Hsia Materials

    Hi, I'm keen to buy K2-P1 Berries & Tian Hsia Materials. Please kindly pm me. Thanks.
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    (2014/04) April 2014

    Hi, I'm a second time mommy. EDD 26 April Please add me to the fb group too, [email protected] thank-you
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    1 year birthday Celebration

    Hi All Mummies, Any good suggestions place for 1st birthday party? Firstly, our frds don't have so many kids. Ard 5 kids and the rest are adults. Ard 25 adults. And we wish to cater Neo Garden. But we dn't knw which place are good and we really need to book early as we are going to...
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    Cup cakes for birthday

    Hi Ravenouss11, Wld like to knw where you bought cartoon the moonkcakes mould? Pls kindly advice. Thanks
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    Cup cakes for birthday

    Hi Keng, thanks for yr info. Pink, I'm refering mooncake mould & disney cutter mould as today m read yr forum shown the pics are very cute. Is there any more mould come in cartoon characters?
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    Cup cakes for birthday

    Hi Pink & the rest of the ladies I would like to know where to get the cartoon moulds in Singapore & how much is it cos I’m really interested it very much. Doesn’t mind can share it with me? Appreciate you can email to me [email protected] Thanks so much