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    child suffering with severe constipation, seek for advice

    Try to add organic extra Virgin coconut oil into her meals. Can get it from country farms outlets
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    Playgroup in yishun

    Hello mummies any idea which are the playgroups in yishun which allows my currently 11 mo baby to attend next year?
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    KKH Subsidised(Not TPS) or Private?

    My sister went to kkh under private rates with a fixed gyne that she seen fr pregnancy till delivery. She n I gave birth this year. She stayed in one bedded and her bill was so cheap! After medisave cash outlay was only 2k while mine from private hospital 7k cash
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    (2014/02) February 2014

    Pls add me too [email protected]
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    Ovarian Cyst & Pregnancy

    My gyne was Dr Esther Ng. I can't remembered the size of mine. Or u want to seek second opinion? When I 1st heard abt the cyst I was so worried and keep praying ...
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    Ovarian Cyst & Pregnancy

    I also had cyst from week 6 onwards... My gyne keep telling me don't worry too much after I went to goggle more info. I opted for c sec as I wanted my gyne to remove the cyst if it was still there though towards my last stage of pregnancy cyst cannot be seen. True enough no cyst was found
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    Constipated after drinking Similac Stage 2

    Apple purée does not help in my girl constipation. I gave my 6 months old girl 100% prune juice from Ntuc without any sugar and preservatives dilute with abit of water after she did not pass motion for one week. Very effective for me and she stops having the juice now, her poo is still smooth...
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    Anyone has Cramp in lower abdomen area after birth

    My pulling feel lasted till 4th month after delivery but no cramping. I have a friend she still have pulling feel for one year
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    How to wash car seat?

    How often do u all wash the car seat cover?
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    Drypers Quality Difference on between online and NTUC

    MP from ntuc has urine indicator while those from kim sang, gmarket dont have.
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    C-sect: Do we need to clear bowels?

    Actually there is no which one is less painful. I have friends who went for natural birth but down there pain for one mth. Another friend csec by 7 days she even went for post natal massage n not much pain for her during her 1st pregancy
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    Need recommendation for a female gynae at Mount E or Mount A

    Dr Esther Ng from EN Clinic. Very experienced and stitches are good.
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    Breastfeeding Less than 6 months

    Sorry to hear that your mil wanted to get bm from ur cousin. Y not u bring her to see tcm? How old is ur gal?
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    Breastfeeding Less than 6 months

    Hey bf baby might not means that they are stronger than fm babies as I have seen such examples even when the bf mummies have eaten healthily. In 80s most of us are not drinking bm n yet we are still strong:)
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    *please be warned* Manduca Baby Carrier, $149 from Baby Expo

    not sure if lemon law applies here..if yes can go and try
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    (2014/03) March 2014

    Ya so when I heard from them I was surprised too when their mums were eating well n avoid those unhealthy food during bf. So don't have to get to stress abt not giving bm:)
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    (2014/03) March 2014

    ya actually i have seen example of friends feed with bm when they were babies and yet their health are not as strong as those fm feed.
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    How many times a day do you bathe your baby below 1 year old?

    Do u all bath bbs after going out with them? I usually bath her in the morn then go out from afternoon till 6pm.
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    Side effects after c sect or epidural

    Have to bring it with u to operating theatre n they will put the binder for u when csec ends