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    Trying to conceive ...

    Before conceiving, take folic acid at least 3 months and above to prevent serious birth defects in baby. Trying to conceive, one thing to note is no stress. Try to boil red date tea to drink to warm your womb. Red dates tea with wolf berry does not crash with western medications.
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    Baby with low heart rate

    Normally for low heart rate, it is unlikely it will increase. Have experienced it before and I lose it on the 9 weeks. Nevertheless, try not to worry and let nature takes its course. I know this is hard still if reality presents itself harshly, be receptive and try again.
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    Recurrent Miscarriages

    Hi I am not suggesting just the TCM doctor. Combine the western doctor together with the TCM doctor to optimize the result. :)
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    Body Check up to check whether do we have any prob getting pregant

    If you want to try TCM doctor, can let me know. :)
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    Body Check up to check whether do we have any prob getting pregant

    No lah. He is a man of few words. He is okay de. If you have questions can ask him. Normally, if he say good or okay, I presume everything is okay. When he say more, I know things may not be right.
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    any 35 and above trying for their first?

    Hi KKHB Regarding UTI, maybe you can try just using normal temperature water to wash not more than three times per day. Air the area before putting on panties. If possible, you can try not to wear panties at home for the time being till you get better. Of coz, do not forget to drink lots of...
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    Baby drink milk after vomit

    Some milk flowing out is small issue. Your baby will be better as she grows. No worry. ;)
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    Natural or c-section ?

    Natural Delivery is better and good for the baby and you.
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    Baby drink milk after vomit

    Is her vomit every time? Or just some milk flowing out from the mouth? It can be reflux issue and if the vomit is like merlion after every feed, it is best to consult doctor.
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    Recurrent Miscarriages

    Hi For those experience with m/c, seek TCM help to recover the body and make it a suitable place for baby to grow healthy. With every m/c, the body goes through mental and physical hurt.
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    Recommendation for private gynae in government hospital

    Hi You might like to consider KKH. My gynae doctor is Dr John Tee. Normally, I choose to visit him in private suite. Shorter waiting time and cozier. Both pregnancies delivered by him. Have encountered baby patients born in private hospitals being referred to KKH for further reviews or...
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    anyone did chemical straightening for hair during pregnancy

    Best to avoid any chemical stuff done to yourself. Better not compromise a moment of beauty for a life in your tummy. Still, the final decision is in your hand. To bend or to break.
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    (2015/09) Sept 2015 Mummies

    Hi I'm expecting my 2nd..My Edd is early sept. Email is [email protected] Thanks
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    (2015/09) Sept 2015 Mummies

    Hi All My edd is 06th Sep 2015. Currently in 12th week going to 13th week. ;)
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    I had miscarriage

    Hi ahgunbaby, I know it is hard for you to accept but let time heal your wound though you will never forget. I had three times of miscarriage and I have loved all three of them. I really feel like ending my life by the second miscarriage but maybe the baby are not meant to be mine...
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    (2012) TTC for #2 & More Mummies !

    Congrats Dolce! For the cramps, I fink it is best that u consult your gynae on the safe side.
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    (2012) TTC for #2 & More Mummies !

    missy, very shiok leh! must relax n enjoy and maybe TTC#2 there....
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    (2012) TTC for #2 & More Mummies !

    jaster, I am the April Mommy. Now I have a clearer idea after u have explained what those short form means. I thought it should be easier to conceive for the 2nd one but it does not seem that easy. Thanks for the link.