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    Sharing my extramarital affair stories

    I just do not wish to be judged
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    How frequent to have sex is normal

    My personal views are that it takes both to clap. I do find my hubby have been less sexually aroused by me. Perhaps cause it been years since we been together. But I do make the extra efforts to make him feel good. However, it was tiring to keep trying to improve myself and yet he just...
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    Sharing my extramarital affair stories

    Hi all, not sure is it a right place for me to share my affairs here. As I do understand it is often frowned upon for mother like myself to conduct ourselves this way. But sometimes, I feel trapped and just wish to open up myself.
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    Yoni Massage

    Hi all, not sure this thread still active. I do know a guy who does Yoni massage. I have tried it a few times and I would recommend it. But he does not have a shop so likely need arrange a place. His charges I feel is quite reasonable too. His massage includes full body massage with Yoni at...