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    Hydrosalpinx - Dilated Fallopian Tube what to do

    I switched from NUH to KKH. :) I’m under subsidized patient. Once confirmed to proceed with surgery, they will send us to financial counseling and they will show how to log in to health buddy to see the admission cost. Doctors and nurses wouldn’t be able to tell you before hand because All...
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    Hydrosalpinx - Dilated Fallopian Tube what to do

    Sorry for late response. Yes, dilated means fluid inside. Doctor who was performing the hyfosy test on me said dilated when he pushed saline water in, he didn’t even put the foam in, then he was liked seeing a ghost and abruptly stoped the hyfosy procedure because he ‘worried’ will burst the...
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    Blackmores conceive pills

    I have nausea, bad headache if I took it after a light meals. Many advice to take it at night after dinner. Black poo as well I’m taking them on and off because I’m worry of the side effect. Headache is unbearable
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    Hydrosalpinx - Dilated Fallopian Tube what to do

    Been informed by doctor in KKH I have a dilated right fallopian tube (1.7cm in size) and a polyp in my womb. She said keyhole is the only way to go to deal with both (remove the tube and polyp) and she asked us when we want to do the surgery. Did all the doctors expect us to make decision...