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    Pregnancy Pillow

    Dear Mummies, anyone has difficulty sleeping? Does pregnancy pillow help? Any model can recommend me?
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    February 2021 Mummies

    Thank you for your msg. I have decided to sign up with my financial consultant. Have a nice day ahead
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    February 2021 Mummies

    After checking with a few insurance companies, I think you can consider AIA Mum2Baby or Prudential. Both are bundle insurance meaning Maternity (Mummy and babe) and Life Insurance for babe.
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    February 2021 Mummies

    I have made an appointment to meet the insurance consultancy end of this week. I will keep you update if i have further information.
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    Recommended confinement lady

    Hi Can i know what is the package from PEM?
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    February 2021 Mummies

    Any recommendation for the maternity insurance?
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    Confinement Center

    Hi Mummys, Can introduce any good confinement center in Singapore? What is the package like? Thank you
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    KKH Harmony Test

    Okie thanks.
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    Year 2020 June Mommies

    Everyone does the Harmony Test before?
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    KKH Harmony Test

    First-time mummy here. In order to get the subsidy from KKH to do the Harmony Test and Oscar Test, I need to visit the Polyclinic first right?
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    Year 2020 June Mommies

    Hi Everyone, First pregnancy and first time mummy. Booked an appointment with Dr Tan Wee Khin. Hopefully everything goes well
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    Cell-Free DNA Screening

    Hi, First baby, no experience. Need some advice from other mummy. Does anyone know the cost of doing Cell-Free DNA Screening? What are common tests during pregnancy? Regards, Bee