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    Tayo bus baby boy tee $8

    can youmeasure the length of the tshirt? my boy is v tall. he's only turning 4 this may..
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    Ameda or medela breast pumps? Which is better? I need help desperatelysob!!

    Hi im interested at buying breast pump. I don't mind second hand but I need to know how old it is and what it will come with.. are there unused storage bottles? etc? cuz I need to calculate extra cost after buying pump if necessary for storage. Thanks.
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    Can I ask, what is ur role during the delivery with the gynae? and how does the gynae and a doula work or follow the birth plan? will there be a clash of wrk styles? like if doula is more pro natural and gynae is as well ut have hospital protocols to deal with? and end up interveving too much...
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    Dr Paul Tseng - TMC

    I was intro to paul tseng, anyone has review? thanks..
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    Dr Paul Tseng from TMC

    Hi, is this thread still active? Im thinking of switching doctors and was rec. paul tseng...pls pro natural...but earlier in the thread i hear quite scary comments but that was eralier in the by now..hopefully things changed? hmmm, pls help..thanks..
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    Advise needed: how bad is the natural labour pain without pain killer

    is this thread still on?? Im interested in hypnobirthing and want tofind out more and wish to have some ideas of in sg we have a course or soemthing....pls reply.. thanks..
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    About Cord Blood Donation

    Better to spend the money on personal insurance...really.. sister had the same understanding and when she explained it to me.. i was like dun bother to spend it, just insurance payment is better...i feel although it may help the possibilities are very slim and it's like u throwing away money to...
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    1 or 4 bedder at KKH

    I Yumi, when I was 5 weeks, I went to see my usual gynae at TPS. She sent me to AMC(just outside TPS doors.. for the scan so she din do the scan for me. at week 8 also same thing AMC for scan. Once confirm pregnancy, i was registered preggers and from then on my gynae did our next scan at 12...
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    ! Advice for ecezma baby. Help!!!

    Clean baby from inside out and not just by dermatological topical applications..those are short term measures... alot are often caused by bb's diet.. Those w eczema, take low dairy low gluten diets.
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    (2012/05) May 2012

    Hi all, IM NEW to this thread.. my EDD 3rd week May 2012... Looks like there's so many Dragon bbs...I Din plan to have one dragon though...din think of it.. just wanted a I realise may too much competition now...hahah...=) Anyway, Im at 12 weeks and 6 days...
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    1st trimester:Hungry all the time

    Hi all, im into my 6th week, #1.. still waiting to go for a scan on confirm things a little more before they register me preggers. Currently seeing Jasmine Mohd at KKh at the Private suite, Clinic A. I need advice.. not abt her but abt the hspital compared to others.. Im so...
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    1 or 4 bedder at KKH

    Im not sure whatto choose...who to confused.. Im just wondering why KKH gynae isn't the one doing the scans, instead, the sonographer will be doing the scans i a differnt part of the clinicand results shown to the doc for viewing and consult? My sisters gynae does the scans and...
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    1st Trimester - First Pregnancy

    hi is this thread still running?? it's sept now.. so those who just came in, do we want tostart another or continue from here? =)
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    (2012/05) May 2012

    thanks Icez...That's what i thought..behind curtain.. I will request no matter what.. and I will bring it up to my Gynae..=`( stil sad abt it..that our first scan hubs wasnt w me... I really hope I dun get the same lady tech..stupid. dun like her...haiz...i will request to change..haha..I...
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    Any gd gynae (KKH) to recommend?

    Hi Hannah, Im seeing Dr Jasmine Mohd.. She was recommended by my ex colleague. Dr jasmine is her friend. Found her really nice. I like her. Been seeing her since last year. Im seeing her at KK? where's TPS? Basically I go to Clinc A at KKH, i guess it is the private one..haha... Actually...
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    (2012/05) May 2012

    Yes our first gynae visit after we found out we're preggers, we've been seeing my gynae for e a few months prior for regular checks..My gynae dun do the scans, it's the AMC which does it. so im also puzzled...i duno how things work at KK. we were in the AMC (antenatal something something...
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    (2012) TTC for #1 2012 Mums!

    tethysea, thanks for replying and the tips.. will find the right thread.. so lost in here...gosh... Jeezebelli, zinc is good.. I gave my husband zinc after trying for 4 months and on that month itself, 5th month we're pregnant..i duno if its co-ioncidence but my doctor cousin has 2 kids now...
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    (2012/05) May 2012

    Hi ladies, can I just ask, was ur husbands asked to leave the ultra sound scan rooms when they had to do the vaginal scan to scan the uterus for the foetus??? I am so upset that they asked my husband to leave! =`( WHy is it such a stupid policy? pls someone help. Im gng back in 3 weeks to...
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    Any gd gynae (KKH) to recommend?

    Hi, can I just ask, was ur husbands asked to leave the ultra sound scan rooms when theyhad to do the vaginal scan to scan the uterus for the foetus??? I am so upset that they asked my husband to leave! =`( WHy is it such a stupid policy? pls someone help. Im gng back in 3 weeks to do...
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    (2012/05) May 2012

    Hi ladies... is this thread for 2012 May babies? Im 5weeks...can't see anything except for the so called water bag/ sac and a BFP on test stick.. so seeing doc for another scan in 3 weeks to confirm everything. Im so tired these days...i duno how i gonna cope.. I can't fall asleep easily too...