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    Recommendation for part time cleaners at Kallang/Old Airport Rd?

    Hello, I pay 50 for min of 4 hrs once a week.She's quite good and reliable,never miss her session.She doesnt mind staying few minutes just to finish her work.Try her @82312665. Hope this will help.
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    Part time cleaner

    Just sharing.... I have a part time who is working with us for more than a year,and shes very good,reliable and importantly very honest.Because of this she's working with my circle of friends with my recommendations.Try to call her if she's got any slot but i think shes free in the...
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    Any Good Part Time Cleaner to Recomm

    Hi girls, I have this girl whos been doing a good job and somebody you can trust even if you are not around.might wanna try to call her and see how you think.She is highly recommended.Always turns up on time and very honest.82160344. Goodluck!!!
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    Any Good Part Time Cleaner to Recomm

    call my p.time helper at 94275386.Ahe's reliable and clean properly without supervision..highly recommended..cheers!
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    Part Time Maid

    Hi all, My part time helper is very good,reliable and hard working.She charges $50 for 4hrs work and you will be satisfied with her job.Filipina 38 years old.Her number is 83290802.
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    Any Good Part Time Cleaner to Recomm

    Hi guys, Got a part time maid working for me for few years now.She's very good and she can even cook for you somedays if you want.She always turn up on time,but sometimes for emergency reasons,she cant make it but her sister will be there to fill her in?Try her,see what you think.Call her at...