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    Looking for baby cot and playpen

    I have a foldable Graco playpen for sale at $30 and a cot with adjustable base (so that you dont have to bend over if you have a new born) for sale at $30. Message 94785477 for quick deal.
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    thread closed. Thanks.
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    Hello, can't contact you, Cecelia and not sure how to contact you, young mummy. my email address is [email protected].
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    Lucky baby pram to give away. PM me if keen. Self collection from town area. Thanks.
  5. N Spree (AYNIX)

    I have sent you an email regarding collection next Monday. Thanks.
  6. N Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I have transferred $23.01 to your account for the 2 additional items. The transaction reference is 7178193723. Thanks.
  7. N Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I would like to include more items: 1. Wisdom and the Millers Price: USD5.24 qty: 1 2. NAS Thinline Bible, Hardcover Zondervan /...
  8. N Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, please take out "leading little ones to God" from my list. I'll just stick to the essentials first. Revised total: USD20.57 X 1.35= S$27.77 Pet's: USD55.05 X 1.35 = S$74.32 I have transferred S$102.09 to your account. Transaction reference: 7152280305 Please check if you have...
  9. N Spree (AYNIX)

    My friend, Pet, is interested in the following: 1. The sugar creek gang series volume 1 to 6 by Paul Hutchens Price: USD16.49 Qty:1 2. Fun Bible...
  10. N Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I am interested in the following: 1. Fun Bible Picture Games for Kids Fun Bible Picture Games for Kids USD: 1.59 QTY:1 2. Manners Made Easy for the Family: 365 Timeless Etiquette Tips for Every Occasion Manners Made Easy for the Family Price: USD3.99 QTY:1 3. Leading Little...
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    Dr Sim Lee Ngor

    Thanks for all your feedback. After some consideration, I decided to try Prof Ng, who is also spoken well of by the mothers in the forum.
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    Dr Sim Lee Ngor

    Thanks Tamarind and Vanessa. That's reassuring. Seems like Dr Sim is rather pro-natural and will not resort to caesarean unnecessarily.
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    Dr Sim Lee Ngor

    I'm also thinking of going to Dr Sim. Would anybody have comments on her stitching skills for natural as well as caesarean. Thanks.